32 Ways You Can Keep Kids Learning Over The Summer

    Summer seems to rapidly approach every year and many of my students'  parents have approached me for advice on how to support their children's learning at home.  I always tell parents that allowing their kids to have fun is extremely important, but you also want to ensure they are learning in some capacity. Here are 32 ways that all parents can keep their child learning this summer: Take them to your local library! Read to your child, and with your child, regularly. Help them master different math concepts as you cook together. Play counting and math games while swimming in the pool. Take nature hikes and use science terms to study nature. Complete science experiments as a family in your kitchen. Do arts and crafts together a few times a week outdoors. Sign up for educational learning boxes that are delivered to your front door and are very affordable. Listen to educational songs and talk about the lyrics and compare it to poetry and poetic terms. Create … [Read more...]

Learning Shapes And Patterns With Peep And The Big Wide World! #PeepEnEspanol @PeepEspanol #Ad

*This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with PEEP and Latina Bloggers Connect.  All opinions are 100% my own.     When my sons were preschoolers, I always enjoyed engaging with them in activities that supported some of the skills that they were already learning in school.  Being an educator, I understood all too well the importance of reinforcing these strategies and activities at home to help them continue their education well past the end of the school day.  My older son had no problems learning how to read and identifying letters and shapes.     On the other hand, my younger son found himself having a little more difficulty doing so and I quickly realized that he was more of a visual learner.  As a result, I planned a lot of activities to help him visualize the letters and shapes that he was having difficulty identifying.   Peep and the Big Wide World helps preschoolers to make predictions, observe, and problem-solve in a variety of ways and, therefore, is very … [Read more...]

Teach Children The Alphabet In A Creative Way! @JustJesse197 #Giveaway #Ad

    Since becoming a parent, one of the things that I have learned is that no two children are the same.  This has become apparent over the years just in my observations of my own sons.  It was especially noticeable academically when both of my boys first began to read.     While my older son learned how to read right away and without any difficulties, this was not the case for my younger son.  The moment that I realized that he was a struggling reader, I began to tutor him at home and I used visual aids and technology to help him finally learn how to read fluently.     My son had a lot of trouble with letter recognition and sounding letters out when he first started reading.  As a Literacy Specialist, I know that many children also struggle with this in the beginning.  Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo is an iBook and app that teaches children the alphabet in a new and creative way.       Using eye-catching animation and well-known Jack Russell Terrier, Jesse the Jack, ABC Zoo … [Read more...]

Give Your Children A Daily Learning Experience! @FannyFoozle #Giveaway #Ad

*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Sienna Entertainment. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own.           As a mother of two sons who are very technologically savvy, I consider it a priority to monitor the apps and programs that they access on their electronic devices.  Since I am an educator, I look for apps that have an educational value and that engage my boys while teaching them something.     That is why I particularly like the Fanny Foozle App.  This app immerses children in solving mysteries, having fun, singing songs, saying tongue twisters and learning fundamental life building lessons. It is positive developmental lesson set in a world familiar and unfamiliar.     The main character Fanny begins each day with a challenge and has a motto that she can solve any problem that she puts her mind to. She views the town of Flamboozle as an unlimited source of … [Read more...]