Caring For Long, Thick Hair! #PanteneProtect #WantThatHair @Pantene @Walmart #Partner

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have had long, thick brown hair.  I would always get compliments on it but, behind closed doors, I secretly longed not to have so much hair.  While it might have seemed beautiful and full to others, I struggled to take care of it and style it since there was just so much!  My sister never had to deal with this problem because she has always had pin straight hair that she would just wash and go out with after simply letting it air dry.  In my heart, I wished I could have as easy of a hair care regimen as she did.     As I got older, I started to appreciate my thick mane a little more and I realized that there were certain things that I would have to do to keep my hair beautiful and healthy.  I've always kept my hair long and used a lot of styling products so, one of the things that I noticed, was noticeable breakage whenever I washed my hair or even brushed it.  Add to that all the heat styling that … [Read more...]

DIY Flower Clip Hair Accessory

    Even though I'm a mom of boys and an aunt of nephews, I've always been very much a girly girl.  Thanks in part to the fact that I have adopted my Sister In Law's niece as my own niece, I am able to go shopping for dolls and girl's clothes in order to spoil her.      Her birthday is coming up in October and I have been researching ways that I can fill a gift basket for her with all sorts of girly accessories.  She loves getting her hair done so I found some tips online for making DIY Flower Clips for her hair.     After experimenting with some of the ideas I found, this is what I came up with.  I think she is really going to love these and I'm sure you will love making them for the special little girls in your life! DIY Flower Clip Hair Accessory: Materials- 1/8 yard of any type of fabric (I typically like cotton) 1 button Small circle of felt Lined alligator clip Hot glue gun Scissors Threaded needle Plastic cup for tracing Directions- 1. … [Read more...]

Tips For Getting Thicker, Fuller Hair! #RogaineRevival @DuaneReade @JNJCares #Giveaway #Ad

   Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an event co-hosted by celebrity hairstylist, Jill Crosby.  It was nice to get pampered for a couple of hours and to enjoy a little "me" time.  The event was held at the fabulous Salon Ziba in Manhattan and we all learned some tips and tricks for getting thicker, fuller hair.  After all, what woman doesn't want to boast a glorious head of hair?     According to Jill Crosby, one of the biggest hair issues that her clients have is the desire to have thick hair that looks full and healthy.  I had the privilege of spending some time with Jill and getting some tips directly from her on how I could maintain the fullness of my hair: Setting heat styling products on the highest setting can damage your hair.  It's better to style your hair using a moderate heat setting instead. Using thermal sprays on hair before applying heat during styling can protect your hair from unnecessary damage. A great haircut can add volume and fullness to your … [Read more...]