32 Ways You Can Keep Kids Learning Over The Summer


    Summer seems to rapidly approach every year and many of my students’  parents have approached me for advice on how to support their children’s learning at home.  I always tell parents that allowing their kids to have fun is extremely important, but you also want to ensure they are learning in some capacity.


Here are 32 ways that all parents can keep their child learning this summer:

  1. Take them to your local library!
  2. Read to your child, and with your child, regularly.
  3. Help them master different math concepts as you cook together.
  4. Play counting and math games while swimming in the pool.
  5. Take nature hikes and use science terms to study nature.
  6. Complete science experiments as a family in your kitchen.
  7. Do arts and crafts together a few times a week outdoors.
  8. Sign up for educational learning boxes that are delivered to your front door and are very affordable.
  9. Listen to educational songs and talk about the lyrics and compare it to poetry and poetic terms.
  10. Create your own musical sounds all over the house.
  11. Learn sign language or another foreign language over the summer vacation.
  12. Grow a garden in the backyard with your children and have them help out.
  13. Discover and examine your backyard and everything that’s growing back there.
  14. Scrapbook about your family adventures over the years using art supplies.
  15. Take a road trip and plan the budget for it.
  16. Join a local theater and sign up to participate in their latest performance.
  17. Get involved in a local charity and commit to volunteering there regularly.
  18. Do a scavenger hunt and brush up on map reading skills.
  19. Visit a new local business every week and interview the owner.
  20. Take a trip to the local fire station to learn about fire safety.
  21. Subscribe to a learning magazine.
  22. Teach your child about recycling and complete a project together.
  23. Have a yard sale to teach about buying and selling.
  24. Help your child start their own business, like a lemonade stand or lawn mowing business.
  25. Have you children help plan the next family vacation or excursion.
  26. Study a new country each week (Canada, France, and Greece are great ones to begin with).
  27. Visit a local park and participate in activities there over the summer.
  28. Visit local museums to help stimulate your child’s mind.
  29. Review academic concepts your child has learned from the past school year by going through old workbooks or notebooks.
  30. Utilize the Arts to help your child be engaged over the summer.
  31. Visit your local playground to promote physical activity in your children!
  32. Read “Good News” out of the newspaper daily.  Use the opportunity to also discuss the classifieds and sports sections.


    As you can see, these 32 activities will help your child learn in more ways than you ever imagined. It doesn’t take much to get the learning train rolling, but you do have to start somewhere. I encourage you to try a few of these activities each week to keep your child learning throughout the summer.

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you make sure your children continue learning during summer vacation?

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  1. What great tips!! I’ll have to save this list for when summer starts here! 🙂

  2. I’m going to use a lot of these ideas this summer. I’m so excited for all of the time to spend time with my son this semester. It has been a long school year!

  3. Great suggestions! One thing we do every summer is have a specified reading time each day. Reading does so much to help vocabulary and brain stimulation. Readers are Leaders!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I am one of those moms who makes her kids do workbooks over the summer lol. I think my kids will like your ideas a lot better, though 🙂

  5. One of the first things we’ve done when school lets out is sign up for the summer reading program at the library. They’ve always enjoyed that!

  6. This is a great list of ideas. With 3 three kiddos, I am definitely in search of entertainment over the summer months and we visit the library and museum A LOT!

  7. What an amazing list of activities to get kids involved in. I like that you included such a range from outdoor to community activities.

  8. Yes yes yes! the musical instruments and growing a garden are something we’re doing today! Our tomato seedlings sprouted indoors and we have music time at home. I hear people complain that kids should have school so they learn all year long…learning should be at home too!!

  9. Catherine S says

    These are all really great ideas. We spent a lot of time at our local children’s museum when my son was little.

  10. This is an awesome list! I always worry about this but you have definitively put my concerns to rest and my summer in gear

  11. Summer is hard to keep kids on track. These are great tips.

  12. We definitely utilize the library a lot over summer. We also do a lot of crafts to keep their imaginations flowing.

  13. These are all great ideas. We always joined the library’s summer reading program, and we liked to go to the local children’s museum!

  14. One great way is to not keep them indoors all summer, need to get them out their and see the world!

  15. My kids loved their weekly library visits in the summer. There were always some great programs going on too!

  16. Those are great tips. We go to the local library during the summer to keep on the reading

  17. I feel like most kids are always learning as long as they are busy. We love to go on hikes and different outdoor adventures. Our community has a lot to offer kids.

  18. I used to love going to the local library as a child. What a great list!

  19. I still love science experiments. Blowing up volcanoes was always so entertaining. Fun list!

  20. Great tip to study different countries. It’s a great way to have children become more aware of the world around them.

  21. Great ideas to keep your kids learning through the summer months.

  22. I’ve compared songs and famous poetry with my daughter. She’s a writer and heart and those kinds of lessons really resonate with her.

  23. Love this! These are some great ideas. I’m always looking for great ways for kiddos to learn during the summer!

  24. Debbie Denny says

    These are very good ideas. Keep the brains a working while on break

  25. We are a ways away from Summer, but we could apply some of these tips for Spring break coming up

  26. CR Williams says

    This is always a big obstacle for me sine they are off for so long.

  27. these are indeed some great ideas for kids.

  28. These are some great suggestions! This is the time of year that summer camps and programs start filling up. My daughter’s school, Girls Prep, offers two week-long college immersion opportunities for students each summer. It’s good idea to check with your son and/or daughter’s school to see what programs they might offer during the summer.

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