Ways To Advocate For Your Children Academically

    Children need someone to be there for them in every way possible, but especially academically. If you would like to be an academic advocate for your child, here are some tips to keep in mind. Communicate with Your Child’s Teacher     Make sure the communication lines are open with your child’s teacher. If you think they might be struggling or just want to know what’s going on, make sure you get in touch with their teacher. When it comes to your child, you can’t possibly over communicate. Help with Homework     Sometimes it’s easy to brush off the fact that our children are self-sufficient and can do their homework on their own. Take time to help your child with his or her homework. It’s nice when you can sit beside them and answer any questions they may have about it. Ask Them How They Are Doing     School can be difficult for children, which is why it’s important to ask them how they are doing. It may be hard to get a straight answer … [Read more...]

Becoming Debt-Free After Having Children

    Are you done having children? Maybe it’s time to focus on serious matters like getting out of debt. There’s good news, it is possible to get out of debt with a little bit of determination. Here are some tips to make this a reality. Only Use Cash     It’s pretty simple to use a debit card and swipe swipe swipe. However, when you only use cash, it’s gone when you run out and there’s nothing you can do about it. Using only cash can help you get out of debt because you’re not going to continue to use a credit card. Prepare for Emergencies     One of the biggest issues facing people who are debt is that they are not prepared for emergencies. When an emergency happens, it’s easy to put it on a credit card and then debt adds up really quickly. You can start preparing for financial emergencies by having an emergency fund set up. Even if it’s only $500, that’s something you won’t need to put on a credit card. Sell Your Stuff     Although you may not want to, selling your items is one … [Read more...]

How Can You Teach Your Children To Give Back? #Clothes4Schools @Schoola #Sponsored

*This sponsored post is brought to you by Schoola, the best place to buy discounted kids clothes all while give back to schools in need. CLICK HERE to learn more about Schoola and to see what people are saying.       Anyone who has ever been a parent can tell you that it is not easy.  Children don't come with instructions and it's hard to know whether one is doing a good job or not all the time.  Early on, my husband and I agreed that we would teach our children to be appreciative for all their blessings and to be able to give back to those less fortunate.  This was especially important to us both since we had been raised in households where lack of finances and poverty had been real factors for our parents.     The question then became how exactly we would go about teaching our boys these valuable lessons about humility and generosity?  An answer might seem simple to some but, in these materialistic times that we live in, it's not always easy to explain to young people … [Read more...]

My Promises To My Children… #PromiseToBaby #Partner #LatinaBloggers

*This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are 100% mine.     Becoming a mother has been the greatest joy of my entire life.  Despite my many other accomplishments, whether academic or professional, motherhood has been the most rewarding and truly the role that I want to be remembered for.     As a mother, there are certain promises that I have made to my children that will be true for their entire lives.  These promises coincide with what I deem to be my responsibilities as their mother.     Although the list of promises that I have made to my boys is extremely long, I tend to focus on the top five when we are going through our daily lives.  These are the five most important promises that I vow to my two sons: I will keep you safe from harm and protect you at all times. I will love you unconditionally for the rest of your lives. I will always be there for you, to support you, no matter what. I will … [Read more...]

Mommy’s Here…

    Just when I was feeling like my 8 year old was getting too big and didn't need me as much anymore, he proved to me that he will always need me.  Last night, we came in kind of late.  The kids had a long day at the park with their father and, in the evening, the adults sat outside in front of the house while the kids rode their bikes.  It wasn't particularly hot yesterday and the kids were drinking throughout the afternoon so I felt they were getting enough hydration.     We finally came inside right around midnight and my son turned to me and told me he had a really bad headache.  I immediately felt his forehead to see if he had a fever but he felt cool to the touch.  Since he kept complaining that his head hurt, I gave him some children's Tylenol and made him lay down on the couch.  That is where I left him to relax while I went to change the dog's water bowl in the kitchen.     All of a sudden, my son runs past me into the bathroom and proceeds to start vomiting.  I ran in … [Read more...]

A Society in Crisis

        A lot of news reports lately have centered around women who have engaged in acts that were not very motherly.  One report spoke of a woman in her twenties who gave birth and dumped her baby in a garbage can because she did not want her mother to find out that she had given birth.  Due to being dumped at such a vulnerable time, the baby will suffer brain damage for the rest of his life.  Also, every single time I turn around I'm hearing about women who murder their children because they are mentally ill, because of a boyfriend, or many other sick reasons that could only seem logical in their demented minds.     I don't want to spend a lot of time describing their heinous crimes because they disgust me and they don't deserve any attention for what they have done.  What I would like to address, however, is the fact that some women have no business having children.  It is not true that all women experience maternal feelings towards their offspring.  As a society, I'm sure … [Read more...]

The “Terrible Fours?”

       Lately, my four year old son, "E", has been engaging in some shenanigans that I am going to chalk up to the fact that he is a little boy and that he is testing the waters. You guys have to realize that, although "E" is my second son and I have gone through this age with my older one, my two boys couldn't be more like night and day. As a result of this, my husband and I find ourselves experiencing things with "E" that we never experienced with my oldest son. Let's just say that it has gotten to the point that we have to be very vigilant of "E" because he is constantly up to something and rarely has any qualms about concocting elaborate stories and explanations to defend what he has done.     Let's begin with what I like to call the "Soap Incident of 2010." I like to keep a beauty bar on top of the sink in the bathroom that I wash my face with daily. I've never had a problem with the kids touching it or playing with it and they know that it is Mommy's. One particular night, … [Read more...]