8 Ways To Save Money On Summer Activities For Kids

    While the arrival of summer brings excitement, you might also be seeing dollar signs. It is no secret that beating summer boredom can also mean racking up the bills, but the truth is there are ways to save money while still having fun! Look at these 8 ways to save money on summer activities, so you can still have all the fun you want without going broke. 

1. Check Groupon and Living Social daily.
Since deals on these websites are always changing, it is always worth checking them out! Look for attraction tickets, movie deals, gift card deals, and other offers from summer fun spots. This way, you can enjoy the activities you love for less. 2. Call your local parks department.
Chances are your local parks department is offering all sorts of summer camps and activities for kids. Since these programs are often funded on tax dollars, this means the cost passed onto you is minimal. Call your local parks department for a schedule of summer events and be in the know! 3. Head to the … [Read more...]

What Are Some Fun Summer Activities To Keep Kids Engaged? #PCBigDay #Ad

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats.  All opinions are 100% mine.     The Summer can be a great time to spend some quality time with your family and to enjoy some fun outdoor activities with your children.  It is important to keep kids engaged during their vacation from school so that they can be productive during their time off.  There are many exciting activities that you can do with your kids that can help them to nurture and foster their interests and to teach them how to set and accomplish personal goals.     Personally, we love to get outside during the warm weather and have some fun together riding our bikes.  It allows all of us to enjoy some fresh air while getting some great exercise.  We also take the time to enjoy the scenery and nature around our neighborhood while we ride together and laugh and talk together.  I can't think of a better outdoor activity to get our boys up and about during the Summer.     Since we have … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Family Day at Pole Position Raceway in NY/Jersey City!

    Last week my family and I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this franchise, Pole Position Raceway is America's #1 chain of indoor kart tracks.  It is the largest Go Kart attraction in the United States.  It's karts are battery operated from Italy and release no emissions into the environment.  The best part is that both kids and adults over 48 inches tall can race the karts. Two quarter-mile tracks     Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City, located at 99 Caven Point Road, is truly a family-run business.  Karen Davis-Farage and her husband, Eyal Farage licensed the right to bring Pole Position Raceway to the northeast.  Along with their three children, they run a business that is focused on customer service and the 3 word motto of Pole Position Raceway which is, "authenticity, exhilaration, and safety." All-electric, emission-free indoor karts capable of speeds of 45+ MPH     We had … [Read more...]