St. Patrick’s Day Game: Gold Coin Minute to Win It

    My mother's grandmother was Irish so she always told her stories about her life back in Ireland when she was growing up.  One of the most fond memories that she has of her is how she always made a grand affair of celebrating St. Patrick's Day every year.  She would pin my Mom and her siblings with green shamrocks and decorate the house festively.  She said that everyone has the luck of the Irish on this special day!     If you are looking for a fun and exciting St. Patrick’s Day party game, this Gold Coin Minute to Win It should fit the bill! You can create your own version for just pennies, and the end result is a game that kids will love to play. Here is how you can get started. 

Supplies needed: Timer or watch Bowl 
Chopsticks or Green paper straws (these paper straws are sturdy and make great chopsticks for this game!) 
Assorted plastic gold coins ($1 a bag at Dollar Tree) Directions: 1. Begin by placing all of the gold coins in the bowl. The average bag … [Read more...]

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Hormel Foods! #HormelFamily

          I have always enjoyed hearing stories that my mother tells about how they used to celebrate St. Patrick's day in her house when she was growing up.  You see, my maternal great-grandmother was Irish and she helped my grandmother raise my mother and her siblings.  Every single year, she made sure that St. Patrick's Day was a special day in their home.      The first thing that she would do, according to Mom, is take her unique St. Patty's lapel pins out from the china closet so all of the kids could wear them to school.  She would also sit them down and tell them stories about the old country which they enjoyed hearing in her Irish accent.  Their favorite part of the whole day was the special meal that Great-Grandma prepared for them of corned beef and cabbage.  It's a tradition that my mother has continued every year since.     St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday because it not only provides us with an excuse to celebrate and be merry with family and friends but … [Read more...]