What Should You Look For At Garage Sales?

    Lately I have been noticing a lot of signs going up in my neighborhood and around my job for garage sales that are going on during the weekend.  I've often wondered if it would be worth my time to hold a garage sale of my own to get rid of all the "treasures" that are filling up our garage.  The truth is that I have only attended a few of these events over the years and I wanted to learn more about what I should be looking for when I shop at garage sales locally.     I had the opportunity to discuss these garage sales with some of my neighbors and they had some wonderful insight as to knowing exactly what items are even worth purchasing secondhand.  The consensus among most of them seems to be that the best time to buy big ticket items at these sales is waiting until the end of the day.     Most sellers are looking to sell everything by the day's close and they start getting anxious about unloading big pieces like dining room tables or living room sets after watching them sit out … [Read more...]