12 Ways To Save $100 Per Month

    The new year is quickly approaching, and with it might come high hopes of saving more money and slashing your bills and budget. If you want to make smarter money moves in the new year, there are simple tasks you can implement each month to do just that. Take a look below at 12 ways to save $100 per month in the new year so you can start setting more cash aside. Here is what you need to know to get started! January: Call and see if your utility carriers can offer you lower rates. If you are a loyal customer, they may be willing to do that in order to keep you. Call your cell, internet, cable, and even electric and water carrier to see if they have any special rates or discounts they can offer. If you knock just 5 utility bills back $20, you have saved $100 per month. February:
 Check your home to make sure it is efficient. Seal window cracks and doorway cracks/drafts. Take shorter showers and use the washing machine only when full. Use energy efficient … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of The Coupon Sisterhood

        As the holidays approach, I am ever more mindful of staying within my budget because I am fully aware that buying Christmas presents is going to take me completely outside of my normal monthly expenses.  Lately, I have been paying more and more attention to posts from my fellow bloggers regarding cutting coupons and meal planning.  Now, those of you who know me personally know that I am the least domesticated diva that you will ever meet.  Actually, I applaud all of those women who are talented in this area because I'm aware that it requires a lot of work and it is definitely not my forte.     Having children, though, has a way of forceably domesticating you to some extent.  I cook out of necessity and because I genuinely enjoy seeing my boys eating meals that I prepared and that I know will be good for them.  Unfortunately, my newfound culinary endeavors have met with ever increasing grocery prices.  It seems like I am constantly spending obscene amounts at the … [Read more...]