Rice Krispie Treat Chicks

    If your kids are like mine, they love Rice Krispie Treats.  I can still remember the looks on their faces the first time they tried them.  Ever since that day, they love for me to incorporate them somehow into each holiday's festivities.  Most of the time I don't complain because, not only are they pretty easy to make, but they taste great too!     This Rice Krispie Treat Chicks recipe is very easy for busy Working Moms to make.  That is why I tried to make this one as easy as possible by including store bought Rice Krispie treats that are already made which makes the whole process a little easier.  All you have to do is buy them at your local grocery store and then carve them according to your health needs.  This is a great snack to eat and go. Ingredients - 1 8 ct package of Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats Wilton yellow gel icing Wilton black gel icing Wilton yellow sprinkles Baby chick cookie cutter *Wilton products are located in the Wilton aisle/section at major … [Read more...]