Keeping The Romance Alive In Your Marriage

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to still have a romantic relationship with your spouse, even years into your marriage? The good news is that it’s very possible to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Here are several tips for helping you to achieve this. Late Night Dates     Sometimes it can be difficult to hire a sitter for a date night. That’s why late night dates work out so well. You can have a date with your spouse, way after the kids go to bed. Sure, you’ll be sacrificing sleep, but it’s so worth it to have some one on one time with your spouse. Do Unexpected Things for Your Spouse     A lot of times people get “bored” in their marriage because life and bills take over. Keep the romance alive in your marriage by doing unexpected things for your spouse. Get up early to make them breakfast or a hot cup of coffee. You can even do a surprise date night to keep things really spontaneous. Always Say “I Love You”     Don’t let the mundane … [Read more...]

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