Keeping The Romance Alive In Your Marriage

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to still have a romantic relationship with your spouse, even years into your marriage? The good news is that it’s very possible to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Here are several tips for helping you to achieve this.

Late Night Dates

    Sometimes it can be difficult to hire a sitter for a date night. That’s why late night dates work out so well. You can have a date with your spouse, way after the kids go to bed. Sure, you’ll be sacrificing sleep, but it’s so worth it to have some one on one time with your spouse.

Do Unexpected Things for Your Spouse

    A lot of times people get “bored” in their marriage because life and bills take over. Keep the romance alive in your marriage by doing unexpected things for your spouse. Get up early to make them breakfast or a hot cup of coffee. You can even do a surprise date night to keep things really spontaneous.

Always Say “I Love You”

    Don’t let the mundane everyday life keep you from loving your spouse. Don’t forget to say “I Love You” every chance you get. When your spouse feels loved, they are more likely to want to reciprocate the feeling. Saying I love you is so simple, but very important in a marriage.

Be Intentional with Your Spouse

    Don’t try and do things out of selfishness, but instead be intentional with your spouse. Let them know you care in small but important ways. Write a letter, send flowers, ask them how they are doing. These small gestures can help keep the romance alive in your marriage because your spouse knows you’re there for them at every turn.

    Keeping the romance alive in your marriage is as easy as making time for each other. In a world where life is busy, making a few moments for your spouse on a daily basis is imperative.

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you keep the romance alive in your marriage?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    We are in a unique situation where my kids go to their dad’s house a couple of nights a week, so Chris and I get lots of alone time. That definitley helps.

  2. These are some great pointers – a date night is always a good one I think.

  3. Catherine S says

    These are all great ideas. I have been married 20 years and we try to have a date night once a week.

  4. Having date nights is a great way to keep the romance alive. We try to have a date night once a week.

  5. I think “Do Unexpected Things for Your Spouse” is so important. I makes you realize that the other person is actually thinking about you.

  6. These are great things to keep in mind for day-to-day life. It’s really important to keep the romance alive.

  7. Love this! We always say I love you. Sometimes if I’m grumpy or annoyed, my husband says it and I just roll my eyes but I say it back! These are all important, and great ways!

  8. I was just saying that I need to make time for more date nights. Alone time with your partner is so important.

  9. Doing unexpected things for each other is a great idea. Sometimes marriages can get in a rut if you don’t try to change it up a little.

  10. Jennifer Williams says

    We do date night as well as many other special things. We like to send text messages back and forth throughout the day to stay connected as well.

  11. Keeping the romance alive is very important in your marriage, especially if you’ve been together for many years. My kids are all grown up and this allows us to spend more time together.

  12. We need to make more time for ourselves, that is for sure!

  13. Keeping the romance going I am sure is a challenge that requires consistency and effort

  14. We date each other still, even if it’s just a movie without the kid, it helps us feel close.

  15. It is so important to make time for your partner. Sometimes life gets so busy we forget to spend time with each other to reconnect.

  16. It can be a challenge once the kids are in the picture but it’s so important!

  17. Ha, I’m the wrong person to ask right now. 😉 That’s okay though, I’m happy to hear others are doing so great. I love your suggestions.

  18. We forget t take the time for ourselves. We try to do date night once a week.

  19. I’m not married anymore but definitely agree with date nights and doing unexpected things. Couples stay connected this way.

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