DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

    Lately I have been fascinated by anything having to do with unicorns. Did you know that they even have hair dyes to simulate unicorn colors? Since my niece loves unicorns and my Sister In Law is planning a unicorn-themed party for her this year, I have been trying to experiment with inexpensive ideas for party favors and party decorations.

    We all fell in in love with this idea for making unicorns using craft sticks so I wanted to share this DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn concept here on Tough Cookie Mommy!

Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

Supplies needed:

6 large wood craft sticks

Paint in choice of color

Paint brush

Black marker 

White craft felt, assorted colors of craft felt 


Hot glue, glue gun

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn


1. Begin by applying two coats of paint to one side of your craft sticks. You only need to paint 5 and can leave one plain.

2. Line your craft sticks up so you have 5 of them side to side.
3. Add a line of glue, and place an additional stick along the back side to hold them all together as one unit. Allow to dry.

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

3. Turn your connected sticks over. Cut out your unicorn’s horn by using the white felt and snipping out a simple triangle shape. You can also create a flower for additional embellishment. A simple ruffled circle with polka dot center makes the perfect flower. If you wish, finish off the face by adding a mouth!

4. Use your marker to create the unicorn eyes. A simple arch shape with added lashes works well.

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

5. Glue the horn and flowers in place at the top of the unicorn’s head.

6. Once all your pieces are dry and in place your unicorn is ready to be displayed.

DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn

Let’s Discuss: What do you think of this DIY Purple Craft Stick Unicorn idea and what special event do you think these would be perfect for?

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  1. Ruth Ridley says

    This is so absolutely cute! My daughter Savannah would love making this!

  2. What a cute and fun project! My granddaughter would love doing this with her mom. And I bet it would be easy to change the colors to suit my grandson.

  3. OMGoodness this is so cute! My youngest daughter loves just about ANYthing unicorns so she would have a blast making this.

  4. Blair villanueva says

    This is a cute diy! More reason not to throw away those ice cream popsicle sticks, coz we never know when can we do this craft.

  5. Aww this is so cute and pretty! such a fun activity to do with your kids! keep them busy!

  6. I used to love arts and crafts as a kid. Even in this day in still very creative & love to curate abstract art.

  7. This reminds me of arts projects when I was in elementary school. I wonder if kids these days still do it in school. Me and my cousins grew up doing lots of DIYs instead of having our parents buy us toys.

  8. I love this, I am a fan of DIY crafts. I can spend 4 hours making beautiful crafts. My kids absolute love to make this simple but cute unicorn.

  9. Emma Steve says

    OMG, this is so cute. I love DIY crafts and this is pretty simple. I will surely try this.

  10. What a cute craft. I love simple projects like that one. Those sticks are fun to use for puzzles, too.

  11. Amber Myers says

    What a fun craft. My daughter will want to do this. She’s all about the unicorns!

  12. Oh now this is such a cute DIY. Perfect for a little arts and craft time if you have children!

  13. This just goes to show how a little can go a long way. I love this craft idea!

  14. LeighAnne says

    I love all the products that are out with the unicorn theme. Does crack looks like a fun and easy when I can do with the kids.

  15. I love trying out different activities to do with my youngest and I think this unicorn craft is fun and she’ll definitely like it! Thanks for the cute idea!

  16. How cool and fun is this! I think it is most enjoyable with the young ones as they can be creative and have fun with it!

  17. That is so cute! What a fun craft to do with my kids!

  18. Oh wow…this sounds like a super fun craft. I love it. I have to share it with a few friends.

  19. I love doing DIY crafts. This was so cute. I love it.

  20. Jessica T says

    This is super adorable! Easy enough for my youngest to do too! Maybe we will try it over spring break!

  21. This looks like such a fun craft. I know my daughter would have enjoyed doing that when she was younger. It’s such a fun color too.

  22. This is such a cute project! My daughter is loving all things unicorn. I will have so do this with her!

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