7 Tips For Planning The Perfect Picnic

    The arrival of spring means it is time to get outdoors and dine alfresco style! Eating a meal outdoors can be wonderfully relaxing and entertaining, and it can be beautifully budget friendly as well. If you want to prepare a picnic for your family or someone special, take a look below at 7 tips for planning the perfect picnic and creating a meal they will always remember!

1. Choose a scenic spot.

You want the location to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye, so consider a park or field with some nice landscape. You also want to be sure the spot has trees, so if it gets too warm and you crave some shade you have it. Check out local nature conservatories, parks, and orchards to find the perfect spot.

2. Take comfortable blankets and chairs.

Not everyone is use to dining outdoors, so you want to be sure everyone is comfortable. Large blankets and pop up chairs are perfect for giving everyone a cozy place to rest and eat. If you are worried about a wet ground, take a tarp to place down first. Even small pop up tv trays could be a nice addition so people have a flat service to eat on. Be creative and take what makes you comfortable.

3. Opt for finger foods.

Make it easy on yourself and take a large assortment of finger foods. This way you don’t have to mess with silverware or messy dishes. Try sandwiches, chips and dip, vegetables and dip, cut fruit, cheese and crackers, tortilla roll ups, cookies, popcorn, and other easy to eat foods. These all tend to be foods that kids will enjoy while also being foods that are easy for you to tote and serve.

4. Take some simple games.

After you eat is the perfect time to unplug. Take some fun and easy games such as a deck of cards, simple board games, a ball and mitt, bubbles, or a kite. This way kids can be active while food is being prepped and even after the meal is over.

5. Pack those wet wipes.

Just do it! Wet wipes are perfect for washing hands before and after you eat. They are also great for wiping down surfaces you might be eating on. Should you want to wash any dishes you are taking back home, a wet wipe can help at least get the food off so you don’t have to take super dirty dishes home. So pack the wet wipes and make your picnic easier and cleaner.

6. Enjoy a few comforts from home.

There is nothing wrong with making your picnic comfortable and even a tad glam. Bring a vase of fresh flowers, a candle, a beautiful tablecloth, or even your favorite lantern or centerpiece. This makes the meal more special and just adds some nice ambiance.

7. Add lots of color.

Make your picnic a party by adding lots of color. Use colorful plates and linens, try some colorful napkins, colored plastic silver wear, even bring a balloon or two. Or, you can add fresh flowers to your picnic as mentioned above, or even decorate the picnic table you are eating on. Treat your picnic like a party and it will no doubt feel like a festive event!

    Are you ready to create a picnic your family will never forget? They will no doubt love dining outdoors and spending some time as a family, unplugged and away from the hustle of everyday life. Give these tips for planning the perfect picnic a try and you are sure to have a marvelous time!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your tips for planning the perfect picnic?

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  1. We love picnics! That is one of the joys of summer. This post is awesome – I’m going to make a checklist from it because I always forget something. The only addition I have is my wineglasses 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t mind going out for a picnic sometime soon. These are good tips! The weather has been perfect lately.

  3. It’s exciting too. The kids love it. We’re all about economical entertainment these days, and an impromptu picnic rates right up there with the best of ’em.

  4. We aways take wet wipes with us when we go almost anywhere! Love the idea of cleaning the dishes with them on the picnic. We always pack a trash bag too!

  5. These are simple, yet effective tips for planning a good picnic. Also, finger foods are perfect way to avoid the headache of dishes. Now I just need to look for a perfect picnic spot 😛

  6. I need to plan for a picnic one day soon. The kids love them. Great tips!

  7. Wonderful tips! I love picnics especially with my kiddos and hubby. These are great, we need to prepare a good picnic soon now that the weather is wonderful out!

  8. Great tips, especially those wet wipes. We don’t do a lot of picnics but we should because I know the kids would love them.

  9. I haven’t been on a picnic in ages. It might be nice to go on one this year if we can all find time to do it together.

  10. These are all great tips! I also always pack a little peppermint essential oil! Definitely Wet Wipes are a must!

  11. Heavens, I haven’t been on a picnic since I was very young! Finger food and wipes are definitely the way I would go if i were planning one now!

  12. CourtneyLynne says

    Ooooh, these are some great tips!!! I’m so happy warm weather is finally here. Picnics really are the best!

  13. meagan bs says

    We don’t really go on any picnics, but these are some really great tips.

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