Should Teachers Take Students’ Phones Away On School Trips? #SquashTheBeef #Ad

    This past week, my son went on his eighth grade Senior Trip to Philadelphia.  This was the first time that he was away from his father and I for the whole day in another state.  As you all can imagine, I was a nervous mom all day wondering if he was having a good time and if he was safe.  As parents we want our children to have many wonderful opportunities and experiences but we also want to protect them and keep them safe whenever possible.     Sometime in the afternoon, one of the parents on the trip messaged me to let me know that all the boys had gotten in trouble and their teacher was going to take their mobile phones away for the remainder of the trip.  Now, let me tell you, as an educator of over seventeen years, I am keenly aware of how distracting phones can be when it comes to the classroom.  Had his teacher chosen to take my son's phone away in school, I would have been all in support of it but this was not the scenario and I felt she was completely wrong in taking away … [Read more...]

5 Ways Teachers Can Impact Their Students

    As a teacher, you probably want to impact your students as positively as possible. Although you go to work and it can feel just like any other job, there are ways you can impact your students. Don’t get stuck in a rut, use these tips to keep impacting the students of our future. #1. Show You Care     Asking your students how they are is just one way you can show them you care. Go above and beyond and show them you care. For example: if a student drops his/her textbooks help pick them up. If your student is having a bad day, take the time to listen. If they ask for extra help, show them you care by spending the extra time teaching/tutoring them. #2. Spend Time Answering Questions     There are always those students who have extra questions. They don’t quite learn at the same pace as the other students and that’s okay. Spend time answering the questions of those students and you will impact them more than you ever thought possible. #3. Serve … [Read more...]

First Day Back To School

    Today was the first day back to classes for all students in New York City.  This means that not only did my boys start school today but that I also got to meet my new seventh grade students for the first time.  I wonder if my students realize that I'm just as nervous as they are on the first day of school.     There are so many things that I think about as an educator including, whether I will have a profound impact on their academic development or whether they will enjoy being in my class...Of course, I'm sure that they are nervous about meeting their new teacher too, especially in my school where students get to have the same teacher for two grades.     This means that my entering seventh graders had the same teacher for fifth and sixth grade and obviously developed a bond with her over those two years that they were together.  Since I teach middle school, our students are departmentalized and switch classes throughout the day.  As a result, I have two classes with 31 students … [Read more...]

Top 10 Influential Teachers In Film-Won’t Back Down Blu-Ray and DVD Giveaway

    I'm a middle school teacher so I support any film that portrays teachers in a positive light.  That is exactly how teachers should be portrayed in light of all of the dedication and support that they provide to their students on a daily basis.     Won't Back Down is exactly one of those films.  It is about a teacher who cares so much that she dedicates her life to making a difference for all students.  In the film, Oscar® Nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis lead a stellar cast in this empowering drama inspired by actual events. Hard-working single mom Jamie Fitzpatrick (Gyllenhaal) is concerned that John Adams Elementary is letting her daughter down.     Teaming with a caring teacher (Davis) who wants the best future for her own son, she sets out to improve attitudes and elevate the school’s academic standards. Despite the odds, with courage, hope and persistence, the women just might prevail in this uplifting film that also stars Rosie Perez and Academy Award® Winner … [Read more...]