5 Ways Teachers Can Impact Their Students


    As a teacher, you probably want to impact your students as positively as possible. Although you go to work and it can feel just like any other job, there are ways you can impact your students. Don’t get stuck in a rut, use these tips to keep impacting the students of our future.

#1. Show You Care

    Asking your students how they are is just one way you can show them you care. Go above and beyond and show them you care. For example: if a student drops his/her textbooks help pick them up. If your student is having a bad day, take the time to listen. If they ask for extra help, show them you care by spending the extra time teaching/tutoring them.

#2. Spend Time Answering Questions

    There are always those students who have extra questions. They don’t quite learn at the same pace as the other students and that’s okay. Spend time answering the questions of those students and you will impact them more than you ever thought possible.


#3. Serve Alongside Your Students

    There are all types of fundraisers and charity events that your school can get involved in. Although you already have a ton of commitments, make a commitment to serve alongside your students this year. Serving might be at a soup kitchen or right in your own school packing weekend meals for students. Look for ways to serve.

#4. Follow Up with Your Students

    If one of your students had a bad day yesterday, follow up with them today by asking them how they are doing. It’s amazing what a simple follow up question, from the heart, can really do. Even by remembering the smallest detail of their life, you are making a positive impact.

#5. Get Involved

    One of the biggest pieces of advice is to not sit around and do nothing. There are so many ways to get involved in the lives of your students. Not every student has the fairy tale life and it’s important to remember that. And don’t forget that even the students with the ideal life need you.

    Each day that you are going to work to teach, you are impacting a student whether you know it or not…

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that teachers impacted your life when you were in school? 

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  1. I could tell when certain teachers really cared on a personal level and those were the ones I remember so fondly. There were just a few of them like that.

  2. The ones that I look back and appreciate the most were the ones that didn’t try to be our friend. They just concentrated on what they were supposed to do – be our teacher.

  3. As a former teacher, this is so true. Just answering questions can make a big impact.

  4. There are some teachers that truly make a difference!! It takes a special someone to be a great teacher!! Love these tips!

  5. I still remember the challenging teachers fondly. I feel like they pushed us to work harder and challenge ourselves to learn more, as well as helping us believe that we can do it. <3

  6. I am afraid my school years were mostly marred by a teacher who wasn’t so nice, she sadly impacted my life negativity and I think in some ways still does as she turned me from a bubbly little girl into a frightened bullied one 🙁

  7. Debbie Denny says

    I love teachers that challenged you. Ones that really could see and understand you.

  8. Catherine S says

    This is a great post. I wish all teachers did these things. So many seem like all they want to do is collect a paycheck.

  9. I am also a former teacher and the grandparent of 4 grandkids who meet with their teachers regularly, I find that #2. Spend Time Answering Questions is the most important. I cannot reiterate this enough as one of my granddaughters had a teacher last year that would not answer questions which was very frustrating.

  10. We’ve had really good luck with teachers here. I’ve enjoyed all my kids’ teachers so far.

  11. All very important, but showing you care was always a big one for me. So many teachers really just don’t give a happy.

  12. It is always nice to find a teacher that really cares for their students. My kids have had a few amazing teachers over the years.

  13. Teachers have such a great impact on students. My daughter is going to college to be a teacher, so I hope she makes the best impact she can!

  14. These are great tips and I wish all the teachers will do this. I have a niece who is going to be a teacher, a pre school teacher. I’ve seen these qualities in her and I’m sure she’ll make the best impact to her students.

  15. I had an excellent music teacher in junior high that really tried to inspire our group. He really paid attention to our behaviors and if he noticed an issue he tried to work with us to improve it

  16. I was pretty messed up after my Dad died and only one teacher recognized it. She knew I was a good writer and had me in two classes. But –when I would get restless–she would write out a hallway pass so I could go be alone for a while. I will always remember her understanding and caring about that young hurting girl who was me.

  17. I had a teacher in college that challenged me. This made a big impact on me and I have to thank her. I got to where I am now because of her.

  18. My favorite was my Kindergarten teacher. She was so kind, she was like our mommy at school. She eventually entered the convent and became a nun. I think the most valuable lesson I learned from her is to care for others just like they were my own siblings.

  19. I loved my teachers as a kid they were so amazing. I’ll be honest and say I have yet to see those type of teachers here in Toronto with my kids. I’m not sure if its because of the big city, all the kids and the population compared to where I’m from but we’ve not had great luck with teachers. Hoping this year is different because they are so important and really can impact students.

  20. eliz frank says

    Finding teachers who care and are eager to help their students succeed is a special gift. Teaching is a craft of love and every child deserves to be valued for who they are as individuals.

  21. I know for some they are a role model but also someone who believes in them.

  22. I had a teacher that didn’t treat us like little kids. He gave us freedom and choices to help us become strong and independent. He made a huge impact in my life.

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