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    Now that Memorial Day weekend is behind us, I feel like the summer season is on the horizon.  It's so exciting to think about long, summer days enjoying some refreshing beverages along with my favorite desserts.  Being a teacher affords me the luxury of having summers off with both of my boys.  As a result, I like to spend every minute with them and not slaving away in the kitchen.  Many of the recipes that I prepare during the summer are quick and easy so I don't have to worry about taking valuable quality time away from my family.     Premier Protein® offers a great-tasting shake packed with 30 grams of protein that come in 3 delicious flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberries & Cream) and have 1 gram of sugar and 160 calories. The drinks are designed to fit an on-the-go, healthy lifestyle.     This is perfect for our family because we love to take road trips and also enjoy our snacks while we are being active.  I love the Premier Protein® shakes because they can be … [Read more...]