7 Health Benefits Of Honey

      Honey has always been seen as a super food for many cultures. Many know that it’s useful in treating ailments and improving health, but do you really understand exactly how honey can help you? Read on to find out seven health benefits of honey, so you can feel better, reduce ailments, and live a healthy life! 1. Natural cold remedy – Honey can help reduce many symptoms associated with the common cold. As your swallow a spoonful, it coats your throat to help relieve irritation and soreness. This will also help suppress coughs that may make things worse or keep you from sleeping at night. 2. Reduces the risk of cancer – With an abundance of flavonoids, honey can help protect you from some cancers and other serious conditions like heart disease. The flavonoids fight the free radicals, toxins that you ingest through food and are exposed to in your environment, in your body. The flavonoids help to protect your cells from being damaged. 3. Helps wounds heal – Honey can be used as an … [Read more...]