7 Health Benefits Of Honey


    Honey has always been seen as a super food for many cultures. Many know that it’s useful in treating ailments and improving health, but do you really understand exactly how honey can help you?

Read on to find out seven health benefits of honey, so you can feel better, reduce ailments, and live a healthy life!

1. Natural cold remedy – Honey can help reduce many symptoms associated with the common cold. As your swallow a spoonful, it coats your throat to help relieve irritation and soreness. This will also help suppress coughs that may make things worse or keep you from sleeping at night.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer – With an abundance of flavonoids, honey can help protect you from some cancers and other serious conditions like heart disease. The flavonoids fight the free radicals, toxins that you ingest through food and are exposed to in your environment, in your body. The flavonoids help to protect your cells from being damaged.

3. Helps wounds heal – Honey can be used as an ointment to help sterilize a wound. The food is a disinfectant, like hydrogen peroxide, to clean out the cut or burn. Its antibacterial properties also help against infection and to speed up the healing process.

4. Fights anemia – Those that suffer from anemia tend to have fewer red blood cells (RBCs) than normal. Since the RBCs are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body, they are very important for our health. When consumed with a cup of warm water, honey can help to raise the red blood cell (RBC) count in the blood.

5. Boosts energy levels – Honey contains a variety of sugars, including fructose and glucose. Because these two are separated in honey, they require less time to be digested. Therefore, you’ll have more energy after eating honey than you will other sugary snacks.

6. Aids in proper digestion – Full of probiotics, honey can help your body digest food easier and faster. It can also be used as a mild laxative for gas and constipation issues. A natural barrier against mycotoxins, created by fungi, in the intestines is yet another way that honey can help with digestion.

7. Promotes a healthy scalp – A small study was conducted in 2001 for patients suffering from dandruff. By massaging honey diluted with a bit of warm water were able to relieve itching and flakiness. Hair loss also slowed down for patients using the honey treatment every other day.

    It is hard to deny that honey has many benefits when consumed regularly.  It’s also a delicious way to live a healthier life!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you consume honey on a daily basis?

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  1. Moisturize skin with a mixture of honey, eggs and flour

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I actually only have honey when I am sick. I put it in my tea.

  3. You’ve got a lot of things here I didn’t know. I love that it can boost energy. Crazy that it works like peroxide for a wound too, right??? Love this post!

  4. My husband just started taking local honey for his allergies. I hope it helps him because he is having a rough time this season.

  5. When my allergies are at there peak, I take a teaspoon of locally sourced honey several times a day to help my body better cope with the allergens. I knew honey was good for you, but I didn’t know that it helped with anemia as well. Very informative post!

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      I had no idea honey helped with allergies. I get them bad in the spring, so I will definitely try that.

  6. My husband just asked tonight if it was good for digestion!

  7. Melissa Smith says

    Honey is my go to when I have a sore throat, but I never knew it had that many benefits. Almost makes me want to have hives of my own!

  8. I always have honey in my hot tea – I prefer to use it as a bit of a sweetener over sugar or anything artificial!

  9. I stopped doing honey because of the sugar content. But, I have been doing so well that I have added foods back in. I need to try honey because there are so many health benefits to it.

  10. And it tastes fantastic! Nothing better than plain toast & butter with honey on it!

  11. I have always heard that raw honey and honeys produced in your city/town/state are great for fighting colds and allergies. Thanks for this great post.

  12. I always have honey in my apartment–other then the fact that I just love it plain by the spoonful whether I have a sore throat or not. I spread it on bread or anything else. I put it on cooked carrots-gives them a lovely taste. Never knew you could put it directly on a wound–U will have to try that!

  13. We love using local honey for allergies! It has so many great health benefits.

  14. Catherine S says

    I didn’t know honey had so many health benefits. I need to start using it more. I like it in my hot tea.

  15. Wow great to know! I don’t utlize honey enough! I will have to make sure to take it when feeling less than stellar!

  16. I love using it in beauty care products. It’s a great moisturizer. And it tastes great too!

  17. There are a few on this list that I didn’t know about. Honey is so good for you.

  18. I love having honey with my tea in the morning, glad to know it’s so good for me!

  19. Honey is so good for you but I have a hard time with the taste unless it’s in a recipe. I’ll have to find some ways to incorporate more honey into my diet.

  20. I am sick with a sore throat right now, I have been making hot tea with honey in it. Definitely soothes the throat.

  21. I pretty much only use honey in my tea and I only drink tea occasionally, really when I’m sick or it gets cold. Well, it’s 80 degrees so that doesn’t happen often. I really should work harder at getting it into my daily routine.

  22. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    I love this! I have honey and no idea what I want to use it for. Thanks for this list 🙂

  23. I never knew that honey had that many health benefits. I wish I liked it.

  24. Great tips – just make sure it’s real honey. The less processed the better!! I love a warm tea with lemon juice and honey for when I feel a sore throat coming on. My grandma taught me that and it works great!!

  25. I had no idea that honey could be used for so many different things! Great list! I am going to try it
    using it for digestion issues. The hair treatment sounds great as well.

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