7 Essential Oils To Help Ease Anxiety

      If you suffer from anxiety, you know how unpleasant it can be. Finding comfort however is possible, and essential oils may be a fantastic non-chemical alternative to help you do that. Take a look below at 7 essential oils to help with anxiety and help you achieve a more calm and relaxed feeling. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 1.  Lavender-One of the more common oils, lavender can aid with anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and even headaches. Diffuse some lavender oil in your space or massage it into your temples for some relief. Lavender oil is reasonably priced as well, making it a budget friendly option for you. 2.  Ylang Ylang-Diffuse some Ylang Ylang while you relax or meditate. You can even place some in your palms and inhale. It is a great way to feel more peaceful, relaxed, and calm. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? 3.  Lemon-Lemon and other citrus oils can help the user feel more upbeat and energized. Lemon oil can be added to your beverages, gargled with … [Read more...]