DIY Flower Clip Hair Accessory

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    Even though I’m a mom of boys and an aunt of nephews, I’ve always been very much a girly girl.  Thanks in part to the fact that I have adopted my Sister In Law’s niece as my own niece, I am able to go shopping for dolls and girl’s clothes in order to spoil her.

photo 4_wm     Her birthday is coming up in October and I have been researching ways that I can fill a gift basket for her with all sorts of girly accessories.  She loves getting her hair done so I found some tips online for making DIY Flower Clips for her hair.

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    After experimenting with some of the ideas I found, this is what I came up with.  I think she is really going to love these and I’m sure you will love making them for the special little girls in your life!

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DIY Flower Clip Hair Accessory:


  • 1/8 yard of any type of fabric (I typically like cotton)
  • 1 button
  • Small circle of felt
  • Lined alligator clip
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Threaded needle
  • Plastic cup for tracing

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1. Trace your plastic cup top 6 times on fabric and cut your circles out (the bigger the circles, the bigger your flower)
2. Fold each circle in half twice so that they resemble a triangle (your going to want to do this one at a time)
4. Weave your needle in and out along the rounded part of your triangle
5. Repeat step 4 with all 6 triangles
6. Now that you have all 6 triangle pieces on your thread you can push them all together carefully
7. Tie off tightly 3 times so that your knot stays
8. Place your button of choice on top of the flower and begin sewing it to the inside of the middle of the flower
9. Now turn your flower around and hot glue your circle piece of felt (half dollar size) on the back of your flower
10. You can also glue a few small dots under your button to secure
11. Hot glue your pre lined alligator clip on the back



Your adorable clip is ready!

Let’s Discuss:  Why do you think the special little girls in your life would love these Flower Clip hair accessories?


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  1. Margot C says

    So charming, and little hands could do some of this. Cute as a button!

  2. How creative. I will try to make this for my girls. This will also make a great gift idea.

  3. Oh, your niece must be so spoiled! I’ll have to try this for my daughter – very cute 🙂

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love how that came out. So cute. I have some young nieces that would love these.

  5. Oh that is really sweet hair clip. Wish I had a granddaughter for this one.

  6. I have made those flowers before. I didn’t make them into hair clips, but I used them as bows on packages. So cute!

  7. What a super cute idea! I need to make these for my girls! They look easy to make too!

  8. Catherine S says

    This is so cute and creative. I need to make a couple for my niece she loves to use hair clips.

  9. I love the arrow fabric you chose. This turned out so cute.

  10. Those are so pretty and I have never seen anything quite like them in the stores which is why all little girls would love them. Who doesn’t like sporting something that nobody else has!!

  11. SO CUTE. My girls love hair clips, and ties and bows. They would love making their own. I will have to give this a try with them.

  12. That is so cute. Now this is something I think I could do!

  13. Hey that is super cute. I love the pattern that’s on the fabric you used!

  14. I think this is so darling!!! Is it bad that I would want to wear this? These clips are so precious

  15. It seems like a really easy craft! I love the fabric that you chose too. I am really digging gold accents lately!

  16. I love the pattern you went with! This ended up really cute!

  17. Super cute! Great diy!

  18. This is so cute and easy! I may make a few myself!

  19. This is adorable. I love the pattern on the fabric too. My little girl is 50/50 with bows. She likes them sometimes, but others she is tom boy.

  20. meagan bs says

    my daughter would love it because she loves any new girly hair clips.

  21. Lisa Brown says

    That is absolutely adorable. I need to make an “adult” one for myself 🙂

  22. This is so cute! I want to try making it for my daughter!!

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