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This afternoon, as I was running some errands after work, I realized that they have begun to decorate the shopping strip in our neighborhood with holiday decor. I know some people joke about holiday lights being put up the day after Halloween by some overzealous merry makers but, the truth is that seeing the decorations displayed really does put one into the holiday spirit! It’s that time of the year when all we can think about are those cozy nights in and pumpkin spice lattes! That means Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas are back on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to welcome the exciting 2023 holiday season!

One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year that I redecorated our living room and invited the entire family to spend Christmas Eve with us. I remember feeling excited to show off my decorating skills as I had single-handedly painted the whole room and picked out all the decor and furniture. Also, I was very thankful to spend this special day with all of my loved ones.

It was also the first year that we spent some time taking some priceless photos that I still treasure to this day. It’s hard to believe that our younger son is graduating from high school this year as I look at the photos of him from that day. The thing that made this particular holiday even more special was the fact that it was the last time that we were able to coordinate having everyone together for Christmas at the same time!

I’m so excited to tune in to an all New Hallmark Movies and Mysteries original premiere of “Mystery on Mistletoe Lane”, premiering this Thursday, Nov. 9th at 8pm/7c! Starring Victor Webster and Erica Cerra, the movie introduces us to Heidi Wicks, a mother with children newly arrived to their town, who discover a Christmas mystery in their historic home. Local handyman and historian David helps along the way, finding his own surprising connection. It is the holiday love story that we have come to know and love from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries!

You can check out all 9 original holiday movies all season long on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Miracles of Christmas!

Tune in to an all NEW Hallmark Movies and Mysteries original premiere of “Mystery on Mistletoe Lane” premiering this Thursday, Nov. 9th at 8pm/7c!

Let’s discuss: What is your favorite holiday memory?


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  1. Love is unconditional. It means giving all of yourself to someone and being there for them.

  2. Maryann D. says

    My favorite holiday memories are all the fun times my family and I had when my parents were with us. All my siblings were together and we had such a nice time with my parents. We opened gifts and played super card games and laughed. That is definitely love.

  3. Barbara Montag says

    A big part of love is accepting a persons faults along with their strengths.
    And giving them full support.

  4. To me love means family. Family is everything and I try to protect and cherish every little moment. It also means sticking it out through the good and bad times.

  5. Love means that you sometimes have to sacrifice yourself and your needs for the ones you love.

  6. My favorite holiday memory is of riding around town looking at Christmas lights and decorations. To me, love is caring and being invested in someone’s life.

  7. Shelly Peterson says

    What love means to me, is caring for someone unconditionally. Caring for them more than yourself.

  8. Always being there for someone even during the ups and downs.

  9. Love means caring deeply for someone and sharing a close bond. It means offering comfort and help during hard times and bringing joy and laughter to each other.

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