Felt Lady Bug Craft

Felt Lady Bug Craft

    Some of my teacher friends from other states have been reaching out to me this month to pick my brain about arts and crafts activities that they could use to start the school year.  You see, even though we don’t start school until September here in New York City, other parts of the United States go back to school earlier since their school year ended before ours did.

Felt Lady Bug Craft

    Even though I teach high school now, I did start off my teaching career teaching pre-kindergarten so I still have some activities up my sleeves for younger kids.  Some of my favorite arts and crafts expose kids to other subjects such as science and social studies.  For this reason, projects that deal with nature and insects are a favorite of mine.

Felt Ladybug Craft 

Supplies needed:

embroidery hoop

red, black, white craft felt


craft glue


1. Begin by placing the sheet of red felt in the embroidery hoop. Tighten the hoop so the felt is securely in place.

2. Trim the outside of the hoop removing any extra felt. You want the edges to be nice and clean.

3. You can now start creating the face and body of your ladybug. Cut out black circles for the lady bug spots. Cut out various sizes. Set aside.

4. Cut out a half moon from the black felt for the lady bugs head, as well as some small white and black circles for eyes.

5. Finish by cutting two small black strips and two small black circles for antennae.

6. You can now assemble the face of your lady bug. Add the randomly placed polka dots, the head, and layer on the eyes and antennae as shown. Just add a dab of glue to the back of each and press to the red felt until dry.

Once your glue is dry, your felt lady bug is ready to be displayed!

Felt Lady Bug Craft

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your favorite back to school arts and crafts?

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  1. This is so cute! I love lady bugs and I’m not very crafty but this looks like something fun I could do with my niece!

  2. I’m from the North East (New York & Pennsylvania) but live in California now. I can’t get over how early kids start school. They’ll seriously be starting again in a week or two. When I grew up, I was never in school before labor day. These looks like so much fun to make with the little ones. Very creative idea.

  3. robin rue says

    That is just too cute. My boys have sort of aged out of the arts and crafts gig, but when my nieces come over, we do them. They will love this ladybug.

  4. How cute! I don’t think my kids are quite old enough to participate in making them, but my son likes bugs so he might enjoy playing with it.

  5. We just redid my daughter’s room. I think something like this will be the perfect addition to the walls–she gets to help and it looks nice. Awesome project idea. It should bring some fun to our kitchen table for a night of crafting.

  6. Shoshana Sue says

    This has just reminded me of yesterday when I had a lady bug play on my fingers for a while. I love ladybugs and this is a really great activity and it seems so easy to put together.

  7. What an adorable little ladybug craft! I could totally make one with all the felt that I have sitting in my craft supplies!

  8. Neely Moldovan says

    Oh my goodness what a cute bug craft! I just love this. So fun and easy to do with kiddos!

  9. This is cute! Love how easy that it is to make. Would be adorable hanging in a kids room, play room, or elementary school classroom.

  10. This is a great craft for the younger kids in my family. i am watching them all this week so I will try to keep busy and impress them with this great ladybug craft.

  11. This definitely seems like a neat and simple project for the kiddies. I haven’t done any felt crafts project in years, but as the summer winds down, I would like to throw in a few rainy day craft projects. Thanks for sharing.

  12. So cute! Love lady bugs. Very fun and creative craft to do and enjoy outdoors with the kids!

  13. I lift my hat the DIY bloggers because that is so not me. This is so cute…

  14. My daughter would love to do a ladybug craft, sadly I am not too crafty but maybe she will give it a try.

  15. Aww, this is such a cute craft! Nature-themed crafts are perfect for this time of year! Great use of felt!

  16. This is such a fun little project! I love the idea of using an embroidery loop. I made some artwork for my daughter’s nursery using loops many years ago!

  17. This is such a cute project! My boys love making things with sensory play and this would be a perfect project for us!

  18. This is so easy and fun to do with little ones! It really makes a great craft. (it’s also fairly inexpensive- which is ALWAYS a huge plus!).

  19. This is the cutest little craft for the kids to do this summer. Ladybugs are the cutest.

  20. Lisa Collins says

    I love ladybugs and almost picked up a shirt at JCPenney with ladybugs all over it. I still might go back and get it, when I pick up supplies for this adorable craft at the Joanns next door!

  21. I’m a teacher as well, but I teach Middle School. I think it’s fun to teach preschool and I love the arts and crafts that you share with us. This one is adorable!

  22. Oh I remember the days using this ring for embroidery. I’d definitely check this out. Thanks!

  23. This is really cool! I love the color wheel; when you shade in primary colors and then create supplementary and complimentary colors.

  24. That ladybug craft is so cute. I could see decorating a nursery in ladybugs, or a first birthday party theme!

  25. This is very cute and definitely something I shall keep in mind for a rainy day over the school holidays with my 6 year old!

  26. This is so cute. Perfect craft for little hands too. Would be great for preschoolers. Will definitely share with my preschool teacher friends.

  27. I just made a ladybug purse out of felt with my granddaughter. This is perfect to be the next thing on our agenda!! Same colors too. 🙂

  28. Aw, what a cute ladybug and it is the perfect craft emblem for this time of year as well. Thank you for the tutorial.

  29. Obligations Annual Service Fee Detail says

    I’m going to share this post for the my kid’s craft day at school. He will love making these.

  30. That is such a cute craft idea! I definitely want to make this with my kiddos.

  31. What an adorable craft. I always smile whenever I see anything Ladybug related because I know they bring good luck.

  32. I adore doing arts and crafts with my daughter and I think she’ll like this one! Lady bugs are adorable! Thanks for the lovely idea and the instructions too!

  33. I always loved arts and crafts! This would be such cute decor for a kid’s room.

  34. I really love this! We’re doing a bug study for homeschool this year and I would love to have my kids make this during the study!

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