Help Your Teenager Deal With Peer Pressure

    Teenagers seem to be faced with so much more today, then I ever faced as a kid. It’s a tough world out there. Unfortunately, there are teenagers out there who won’t do the right thing. Since they refuse to do the right thing, they will drag other teens down with them. Here is how to help your teenager deal with peer pressure.

Communicate with your teenager

Your life will always go a lot more smoothly whenever you communicate with your teenager. Not only do you want to communicate with them, you want to have an open-door policy for them. It’s much better to have your teen come talk to you than give into peer pressure.

Trust your teen to make the right choice

Every adult on this planet has made a bad choice and a lot of those choices were made as teenagers. AS a parent, you have vowed to never let your teenager make the same mistakes you did. GREAT! Now that you have talked to your teen, trust them to make the right choice. If they will be in a situation where you think there will be peer pressure, trust your teen. I’m sure they will make the right choice. If they don’t? You must be prepared for that too.

Have a plan of action in place!

You can role-play with your teenager. If they are nervous about giving into peer pressure, do some practice skits with them. A plan of action can help your teen not give into peer pressure. If someone offers them alcohol, drugs, or something else—teach them how to get out of the situation and get help. Teenagers shouldn’t be around this stuff anyways, but they will need help formulating a plan of action to avoid it. These days, you never know what issues will pop up or where. It’s best to get a plan of action in place now.

Let’s Discuss:  How do you help your teenager deal with peer pressure?

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  1. With my son entering Kindergarten this year I have already seen the impact of peer pressure. So I can appreciate the need for having a plan of action in place as they age because the pressures will only get stronger each year.

  2. Peer pressure was so awful when I was a teenager, I can’t imagine what it is now with more social media and pressure on teens. Great tips!

  3. Anita Anderson says

    Not just with teenagers as younger children today feel the same way. How we help our children today will make them better in the future

  4. Brown Rhonda says

    I totally agree with having a plan in place. They are under totally different pressure then when we were kids. We never had to worry about social media.

  5. Peer pressure is one of the hardest things to ignore–especially when you are a teen and want to be just like everyone else—-especially those perceived to be very popular. i honestly do not know how I would go about it if I did have children. It was there when I was growing up–but with the drugs around now–it is very important to keep those parent child communications wide open!

  6. So much truth to this. More than anything, I want to make sure that when i have kids of my own, they feel comfortable keeping an open line of communication with me!

  7. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    I do not have kids yet(february) but I know that my parents and I always just talked about everything openly. I think its helpful for kids to not be afraid to talk about it

  8. I know the pressures are children are facing. Communication is so vital!

  9. So many helpful tips! It’s important to be on the same side. I think the role play idea makes a lot of sense and would be really helpful.

  10. I remember what it was like to be a teen and there was so much peer pressure. I was always too scared to try things like drugs and even now it does not interest me.

  11. I think role playing is an awesome way to practice situations they may come into. I even do it with my 8 year olds. I do all sorts of stranger danger situations or friends being mean, etc.

  12. Communication is so huge – you totally have to have the relationship with you child to be able to have open communication.

  13. My daughter is in second grade and sometimes I feel like she is a bit of a follower already. It concerns me so this post is timely. I like the idea of having a plan in place or practicing with her as well as trusting her to make the right decision. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I have to second what Mandy has said… I can’t believe even in Kindergarten how bad the peer pressure is and we live where there isn’t a lot of peer pressure compared to other places. Thanks for all of these ideas.

  15. These are such good tips. The teenage years can be the worst if you aren’t prepared to navigate the social aspect of school.

  16. Peer pressure can be really challenging. I myself as a child made some stupid choices out of the want to be popular. The best tip I have for anyone is to teach their kids to like themselves.

  17. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year. She’s been a pretty decent kid when it comes to drugs and alcohol pressure from school and parties. We started talking about the terrible effects that it can have from a very early age, so she’s always said no. However, other kids don’t have parents that talk to them at all. They just come and go as they please. It’s not just the generation of kids growing up, it’s the generation that’s raising them that’s the problem. My youngest daughter, we homeschool her now. She is in 6th grade this year, and it’s our second year homeschooling. I pulled her out because the schools were getting awful. I worked there as a teachers aide, and saw first hand the pressure that the kids go through. I refused to put my child in the situation on a day to day basis.

  18. My nieces and nephew are still quite small, but I do worry about the amount of peer pressure they will face when they are teenagers. Technology does present a new challenge for dealing with bullying and other issues teens face today.

  19. Great tips! My boy is n grade 2 and the only peer pressure is getting good grades. I agree that having a open discussion is so important.

  20. I didn’t have to deal with the internet or social media growing up, so that is the added pressure that our children face today. There’s really nowhere for them to escape that pressure. It is really important nowadays to have a plan of action.

  21. Peer pressure is such a real thing. Now that I think about when I was a teenager, I wish I had someone that helped me deal with it.

  22. These are good tips! I think I have quite a bit of time before I will need this advice but I definitely want to save it for later!

  23. Christina Aliperti says

    This can be a tough one! My son is 18 now and I always kept an honest and open line of communication with him so he could tell me anything.

  24. Elizabeth O says

    True. Plus with access to the Internet and all sorts of media, teens are exposed to a lot more. Open, honest communication is key and your other tips are great reinforcements.

  25. These are really good tips. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to have to save this for later.

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