Piggie Grahams Recipe

Piggie Grahams Recipe

    We are two days from the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation here in New York City and I’m so excited!  Our family joined a pool club this summer and we will be going there almost every day so I have been trying to come up with easy snack ideas that we could take with us that the kids could enjoy.

Piggie Grahams Recipe

     What’s summer without some sweet treats to let the kids indulge in?  Piggie Grahams are so easy to make and my boys love to eat them.  I like that they don’t take up a lot of my time to make and that they are so adorable!  The only bad part is that I end up eating some of them as I am packing them in the picnic basket and the boys are always asking where all the extra Piggie Grahams went.  I always plead the fifth so, if I don’t tell and you don’t tell, there is nothing to worry about.  

Piggie Grahams Recipe

Ingredients –

white frosting, any brand
pink gel food coloring
graham cracker squares
Wilton pink candy melts
small candy eyes
Wilton black gel icing

Directions –

  1. Add 1-2 drops of pink gel food coloring to the white frosting. Gel food coloring goes a long way so go light and then add another drop or two if needed.
  2. Generously spread pink frosting on each graham cracker square.
  3. Take 1 pink candy melt, flip it over bottom side up and place on the frosted graham cracker square. This will be the pig’s nose.
  4. Use the Wilton black gel icing to give the pig 2 black nostrils.
  5. Give each pig 2 candy eyes.
  6. Lastly, use a sharp pair of kitchen scissors to snip a pink candy melt in half. Then, into thirds, making 2 ears for each pig.

Piggie Grahams Recipe

That’s it! So simple and cute!

Let’s Discuss:  What snacks or treats do you like to pack for your kids during summer vacation?

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  1. I am afraid if I made these they would NEVER get to where they were supposed to go. I would eat them up as soon as I made them!!

  2. OK, now that is seriously totally adorable! I’ve never seen anyone do these before, what a creative idea!

  3. This is the cutest crackers recipe ever! I love your creativity and this would make a great treat in kids’ party.

  4. OMG, those are absolutely adorable. I usually don’t go for ‘cute’ food, but this time I’ll make an exception!

  5. Oh my gosh these are so cute!! My kids would love these for a snack this summer!

  6. That is totally adorable! This would be the perfect snack for any kids’ get together. Bonus points for the creativity.

  7. These look like so much fun to make and of course to eat! Looks and sounds easy to create too. Hope all the kids who get to eat them enjoy them!

  8. How ridiculously cute are these? I totally love them, and they’d be great in so many different situations!

  9. Oh my goodness this are adorable, such a great idea for a grilling party. In love!!!

  10. Those are so clever and cute. I love how easy they look too. you don’t have to spend a lot of time to have a fun snack!

  11. Just stop it – these are TOO stinkin’ cute! Loving these cutey little piggies! I would enjoy these as an adult! Is that bad? haha…

  12. Oh my goodness, these are adorable. My kids love making stuff like these… but pigs! That is the best, they’d really get a kick out of these!

  13. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    These are so stinkin’ cute I cant even! Seriously obsessed with them!

  14. Catherine Sargent says

    These look so cute and yummy. I will have to make these for my niece and nephew when they come over.

  15. OMG those are too cute. I lvoe this idea. so adorable and delicious.

  16. I like to pack fresh fruits and veggies for my boys. During the summer they are priced well and super fresh!

  17. Mary Edwards says

    These are so adorable! So glad those are pink Wilton melts as I thought they were ham or turkey slices – lol. Looks delicious too.

  18. Those are some cute piggies! We’ve been loving baby carrots and cheese sticks at our house. Happy summer!

  19. Such a cute and simple idea. This is the kind of thing my daughter and her friends like to do at sleepovers.

  20. Omg, these are so adorable. I could have used these a few years back for my daughter’s farm theme birthday. Definitely bookmarking, thanks.

  21. Maryann D. says

    This Piggie Grahams Recipe is just wonderful. What a super creative idea and I am sure tasty too! A lot of fun!

  22. Kimberly says

    Those are so cute for the kids this Summer! I need to make them.

  23. These are so cute! My kids would go crazy for them! We always pack nuts, seeds, string cheese and fruit.

  24. This is so cute and fun! would be so perfect for a farm themed part, or peppa pig party.

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I can not wait to make these. They are so cute. I hope mine turn out as cute as yours did.

  26. I can’t believe you are still in school there! These are absolutely adorable. My husband actually brought home some graham crackers the other day, I think we will try this.

  27. These look delish and are so adorable! Would be great for a themed birthday party!!!

  28. I am just loving it, such cute looking recipe that kids would fall in love right away. I am going to get those ingredients at home & make sure to try this one with my kids.

  29. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg!!!!! These are too adorable!!! My daughter would love it if we made these together!!!!

  30. This is perfect for a farm-themed family fun night. I’m babysitting my 5-year old niece this summer and I think we’ll try this.

  31. Those are so cute! I love this idea. I bet my kiddos would love these!

  32. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Are you kidding me? Could these be the cutest thing ever? I love it!

  33. What an adorable snack! I love that it was used making such easy ingredients. This is a must try for us.

  34. These are adorable! We plan on taking a few trips to the beach and going to the park every other day this summer. I will need to pack up some snacks for the kids.

  35. Oh mylanta; how absolutely sweet are these??? I definitely need to make these for my little ones asap!

  36. Robin Rue says

    These are seriously so cute! Making these with my kids would be so much fun and let their creativity shine.

  37. Krystle Cook says

    My kids love to make edible creations. These look so cute and easy to do. I will have to give them a try.

  38. How cute! My little one would love to make this. He would make the pig noises and just love this. Thanks for the idea.

  39. These are really cute. Not much of a cook so I need friends like you.

  40. OMG these are really cute. My youngest loves pigs and I can’t wait to make these with her this summer. Pinning so I can remember.

  41. Those piggies look absolutely lovely! I’m all about grahams and pastries. I can’t wait to try my luck on re-making these goodies.

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