10 Presidents Day Activities For Kids

    Are you excited to teach your children all about Presidents Day? Do you want them to have a deeper understanding of the holiday and how it relates to their lives today? If helping your child get a better grasp of Presidents Day is on your agenda, take a peek below at 10 Presidents Day activities for kids that you can try this holiday season! Teaching your kids about Presidents Day can be fun, informative, and even budget friendly. Here is how you can get started.

1. Create your own faux poll station.

Understanding how our presidents are chosen is part of understanding Presidents Day! Talk to your child about the voting system, how one votes, and what age they have to be to vote. Create a faux poll station where children can cast their own vote to get an understanding of how democracy works. You can even look at pictures of ballots and stations online.

2. Look at examples of where presidents have been memorialized.

Some of our most famous presidents have been memorialized in magnificent ways. Take a picture tour of these monuments online or via books at your local library. Take a peek at The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, or even on our currency where the faces of presidents are seen each and every single day.

3. Listen to presidential speeches.

Head over to YouTube where many presidential speeches are available for you to watch and listen to for free. Pick out various speeches so children can watch and hear their voices, as well as witness the fanfare that goes with such events.

4. Create a mini biography project.

Have children pick a president they admire or one they know little about. Have them research the president and create a mini presentation on a piece of poster board. You can add a picture, 5-7 facts, and other relevant information.

5. Review the requirements of the president.

Can anyone be the president of the United States? Not exactly. Read through the rules that one must follow to become president, including age restrictions. This will give children an idea of what one must be and achieve in order to be president.

6. Attend a Presidents Day parade.

Check out any parades in your area, grab your American flag, and be sure to attend! This is a great way to see some patriotic floats as well as hear some traditional patriotic tunes.

7. Create your own Presidents Day parade.

No parade in your area? No problem! Create your own! Gather friends and decorate bikes and wagons, or if you need to stay indoors wear your bet patriotic colors. Then, turn on some patriotic tunes (Pandora should have free streaming you can take advantage of!) and start marching. This is a great way to honor our presidents and show your pride for your country.

8. Enjoy a service project.

What better way is there to celebrate those who served our country than to give service back? Choose a service project you can enjoy with your kids such as serving a meal at a soup kitchen, walking dogs at a pet shelter, or helping out an elderly neighbor with chores.

9. Be president for a day.

Have children imagine what it would be like to be president for a day. Have then talk to you about what they would do, what rules they would implement, and who they would help. They can even create their own speech if they wish!

10. Read the list of former presidents.

Now is the perfect time to read through the names of the presidents this country has enjoyed. Read through the list and see if your child recognizes any of the names. Invite them to speak up if they do and share any facts they might know.

    There is no time like the present to help your child understand the meaning of Presidents Day. Give these easy activities a try and see how much educational fun you can have.

Let’s Discuss:  What is your favorite Presidents Day activity from the list above and why do you think your children would love it so much?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    These are all awesome ideas! I have never done anything to celebrate it with my kids, but I love the idea of having our own parade this year.

  2. You’ve got some great suggestions there, some remind me of some things they did in my son’s school. We have never celebrated President’s Day before at home.

  3. Great ideas for Presidents Day. This is one holiday that I have neglected with my kiddos so far.

  4. These are great ideas to keep the kids busy during Presidents Day. Being president for a day will be so fun.

  5. This is a great list of activities! It’s sometimes so hard to keep our kids busy on holidays. I love the idea of being a president for a day, it’s both educational and entertaining!

  6. How about take the extra day and clean your rooms! I’m sure our presidents didn’t have messy bedrooms!

  7. These are all great ideas. We always tried o learn about presidents on President’s Day.

  8. Great ideas! I was in high school during an election year – we did all kinds of fun stuff like this in government class! I loved it!

  9. I don’t know if my Grandson would want to be president for the day. Maybe, since he already thinks he is a superhero.

  10. I love these ideas. Presidents Day is a great day to teach the kids about presidents and elections. I remember doing some mock elections in school which were a lot of fun.

  11. Well now those are some creative ideas. I like the make a parade idea:)

  12. Janell @ Saving You Dinero says

    These sounds like fun projects. My kids actually have to go to school on President’s Day because it’s a make up day from snow.

  13. These are awesome ideas. The girls will be thrilled with the make a parade activity.

  14. These are some great ideas. I think it would be fun to have the kids pretend to be President for the day and create some scenarios where they would have to make some “Presidential” type decisions.

  15. When my kids were younger they would have loved doing these. The parade would be a favorite for sure.

  16. I will have to share with my American friends! We don’t have a Presidents day here, but I think its such a great idea and you’ve posted so many great activities!

  17. That’s a great list. I think my kids would really enjoy being president for a day. I almost forgot President’s Day is almost here.

  18. My favorite idea is the the mini biography. I’d love to have my kids do something like this because my son is particularly interested in George Washington right now.

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