5 Ways To Be A Happier Person

    Are you tired of feeling sad or unhappy all of the time? Maybe you look at other people and wonder how they can be so happy all day every day. Well, there are some ways you can be happy and here are the tips to prove it.

Work Less

    Some of us spend literally every day working and it’s time to stop allowing work to suck life away. If you want to be happier, try and find a healthier work-life balance. If you are totally unhappy, maybe it’s time for a career change.

Sleep More

    How many of us stay up way later than we’re supposed to? Going to bed earlier can help ensure you wake up happier the next day. Being tired can only make a person cranky, so it’s important to get as much sleep as you can to avoid being cranky.

Make New Friends

    Maybe your friends are making you cranky? Perhaps they suck away the time you have during the day or they are just negative all of the time. Try finding new friends and ones that have a better outlook and perspective on life.

Help Others

    Sometimes being happy isn’t always about “us” sometimes it’s about helping someone else. Take the time to help someone else and see how much happier you can be. Whether you help a complete stranger or a family member, the choice is yours. The saying “giving is much better than receiving” isn’t just a quote perfect for the Holidays.

Smile More

    It’s proven that when you smile more, you can be a happier person. Think about how much happier you feel when someone takes the time to smile at you. Need a reason to smile? Think about all of the good going on in your life!

Let’s Discuss:  Do you have any tips to being a happier person?

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  1. These are great tips. I need to do number two more. I also try to smile a lot.

  2. I’ve definitely had friends who suck the life out of me! I’ve been much more careful in recent years about people who I keep close.

  3. Don’t let others get into your head. That’s my #1 recommendation.

  4. These are great tips! I constantly remind myself that I can’t please everyone. All I can do is my best! And my best makes me happy, most of the time!

  5. One of my favorite tips to remember is there will always be someone who tries to bring you down. Ignore them and believe in yourself.

  6. Definitely great tips, and also surround yourself with positive people!

  7. I have to admit I am much happier now that I am semi retired from bookkeeping. I now do what I love-READ. Of course I am out there helping my Mom and if you know me-I will usually help anyone who needs it within reason!

  8. I love this and don’t worry about what other think about you or your situation.

  9. Sleeping more is my biggest issue. If I could sleep more I know that a lot of things would be different. Also, eating a healthy diet helps.

  10. Working less is hard because you have to keep money flowing in but it is important to try. I think going on more vacations is key. Even if they are local.

  11. These are great tips to be happier! I know I always feel good when I help others, so that’s a favorite tip of mine.

  12. Let me tell you, I wish I could work less! Finding time for oneself I feel is really important.

  13. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    These things always make me happier. I know that I feel so much better when I am able to help others.

  14. Happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable.

  15. Those are great tips. I need to definitely get more sleep, so hard to do with 5 kids however, those 5 kids make me very happy!

  16. Take a few minutes out for myself each day. I have made it a point to pick up on my hobbies for a little bit of time each day. It centers me and puts me in a much happier place.

  17. I think these are great tips. Having a positive outlook on life in general really helps but I do realize that sometimes that is hard to do on a daily basis. Sleep always helps too.

  18. These are great tips! It’s so important to find something to be happy about!

  19. Jennifer Williams says

    Listen to happier music also works well. I find that and smiling even when I do not feel like smiling works quite often.

  20. These are some great tips! Life is too short – we need to be happier more often!

  21. Helping others really does make you happy. It takes your mind off of your own troubles too, if you have any prevalent.

  22. Great tips! I think it’s so important to be happy, and being even happier is always a great option!

  23. I really need to learn how to make new friends. I’ve had the same friends I’ve had for years. Maybe I’ll be happier then. 🙂

  24. If you do the first 4… The smile will be there for sure!

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    These are great tips for being a happier person. I have been trying to live a happier and healthier life this year.

  26. perspective is a skill I love showing people I mentor, I remind them yes you might have some bad kind of luck going on but think of all the other hard stuff you have been through, think of other people who have it worst off. It’s amazing what perspective and gratitude can do.

  27. All these are amazing tips for being a happier person. I love to listen music and it makes me so happy. Having a positive outlook on life is so important as well to keep yourself relaxed. Making new friends and helping others are the things which I always love doing the most.

  28. meagan bs says

    I try to make sure I always think of the worst case scenario in stressful situations, because it helps me realize I can handle the worst that could happen and there’s no need to stress.

  29. I might also add that getting up and getting dressed is a great plus to become a happier person. But smiles are contagious.

  30. Good tips, I never try to find happiness though, as it’s a fleeting emotion, believe in something else.

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