Being A Working Mom When Your Kid Is Sick… #WorkingMom


    The past couple of weeks have been rough for us in the health and wellness department.  If you have been keeping up with us here on the blog and on social media, you know that I have been sick on and off with a bad cold, we have been dealing with my mother’s mental health issues, and this week my younger son got sick with strep throat and asthma as well.

    Normally, when either one of my sons is sick, my Mom stays with them during the day.  This really puts my mind at ease while I am at work because I know that she will care for them just the way that I would if I was home.  Since my mother is currently in the hospital, I had to take my sick son with me to work on Monday in order to administer his asthma medication throughout the day.


    Today we had a snow day so I was glad to be able to stay home with my son an additional day to care for him.  He is definitely better but he still has a cough which I wish I could take away from him.  Tomorrow it will be back to work and I will have to send my son back to school even though he is still not one hundred percent better yet.  I’m already feeling guilty that I can’t just stay home with him when he is not feeling well.

    I’m sure I have said it before on this blog but it is definitely not easy being a Working Mom.  Being a mother is hard period but, when you have to juggle a full-time career and making sure your kids have your undivided attention, motherhood takes on a whole new challenge.  Unfortunately, it is necessary financially for both my husband and I to work so it’s inevitable.  Every so often, I question whether I’m doing the best job as their mom that I possibly could.

    Tomorrow I will spend the whole day at work worrying whether my son is doing okay in school.  Such is the burden of a Working Mom when your kid is sick…

Let’s Discuss:  Have you ever had to choose between going to work and staying home for a sick child?  How did you juggle everything?

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  1. Back when I used to work outside the home, I always took the time off or my husband did so that one of them could be with them. It was a tough call, but I always figured my kids needed me more than my job!

  2. I’m sorry to hear your mom is in the hospital. Family has to come first no matter what.

  3. I work at home so it is hard to have a sick kid-o especially since I watch other kids in my home. I have had to close my daycare a few times when I had to deal with sleep deprivation of sicks kids or vomit.

  4. Katherine Bartlett says

    I work at home and that’s a huge reason why I wanted to be at home. I can’t stand being away from my family

  5. I hope he feels better! Have you looked into Essential Oils? I’m sorry you’ve had to struggle with work/sick kid. 🙁 I went back to work for maybe 2 days after having my 1st. Then threw in the towel and have been at home ever since.

  6. I hope it goes super smoothly and that he bounces back quickly so you can stop worrying. I can only imagine how tough it must be.

  7. When I worked as a teacher, it was always hard when my daughter was sick. She stayed with her grandparents a lot, but you always feel guilty leaving them.

  8. Ourfamilyworld says

    It is challenging. I usually stay home when they are sick. I don’t have my parents around

  9. As you know I have no children so I have never run into this dilemma. And a dilemma it certainly is! It has got to be hard to have to leave your sick child or to send them back to school before they really are ready to go. I do hope your Mom gets better soon –she is definitely a big help to you in this department.

  10. My son has been in the hospital for RSV for the past week, and it was brutal trying to stay on top of everything – especially being my own boss. I’m learning to just let go a little.

  11. I can’t even imagine the difficulties of juggling a sick kid and the responsibilities of work. I wish it was an issue moms wouldn’t even have to deal with – like it’s a given that you can stay an x amount of days per year at home due to a sick child… they are actually trying to pass that law in my country.

  12. Donna L Ward says

    When I became a single mom – I took a position that allowed me to have my son at work when he didn’t go to school – enjoyed that – but, he was blessed with never being sick – except minor stuff – so sorry to hear about your little one – big hugs 🙂

  13. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. We are trying to have a baby, and we’ve discussed at length my working situation. Hard decisions to make, for sure. I think you’re a great mom 🙂

  14. When I was a single mom this was always an issue. It’s tough to juggle all the demands.

  15. Lois Alter Mark says

    It’s so hard when your kids are sick. I hope your son feels better fast.

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This was a big issue for me when my kids were younger. It can be so tough working when you know your kids are home sick.

  17. I have been fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids when they are sick. On the few times I couldn’t, their pop (grandpa) has been able to come stay with them. Hope your son feels better soon!

  18. mail4rosey says

    I’m glad he’s getting better now! I think we’re going to have a snow day again tomorrow (icy roads) and my son was complaining about a sore throat, so I’m kind of hoping we do!

  19. I hope he feels much better soon.I am lucky that I get to stay at home so when my kids need me I am here but I feel for people that do have to go out to work it must be so hard.

  20. I hope he feels better quickly! I couldn’t imagine. I’m lucky in that I get to stay home. My mom worked though and I remember the struggles!

  21. I understand how hard it is for a working mom, when your kid is sick. I am so sorry to hear that your mom is in hospital & you had to do everything on your own without any support to take care of him. I think this is the story of many working moms, who live alone!

  22. Luckily my job is pretty understand with sick kids. We get sick days and bonus day to use.

  23. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I work from home so i have always been able to care for a child when they had to stay home. It would be tough to have to miss work.

  24. Chrystal M. says

    When I worked outside the office I was always fortunate enough to be a place where the owners/managers understood that sometimes people needed time off.

  25. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    Awww poor baby. It’s so tough hen they are sick, you feel so helpless 🙁 I work from home as of now but that can change.

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