The Dreaded Mammogram Callback

    As many of you know, I went in to have my first mammogram last week after I was advised to do so by my gynecologist due to my paternal great grandmother having had breast cancer.  It was supposed to be just a screening and, although the technician warned me that many women get callbacks after their first exam, I didn’t really expect that it would be anything but normal.

    Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy so I received a letter from the imaging place over Labor Day weekend asking me to return for a follow-up mammogram.  The letter said that there was a “finding” that they wanted take further images of.  It was terrifying and I couldn’t help feeling that I was part of a cruel joke.  You see, I’m only 36 so I was expecting everything to be alright because most women don’t even have to have a mammogram until they turn 40.

    Also, I’m already living with Leukemia so the thought of having to deal with a secondary cancer is just too much to even have to wrap my head around.  Combine all of this stress with the fact that I returned to work this week after being off all Summer and you can imagine what a wreck I have been these past few days.  Luckily, I was able to get an appointment for my follow-up right away so I headed over to have my second mammogram on Tuesday afternoon right after my first day back at work.

    After checking in and being called into women’s imaging I sat there looking at all the other women waiting for mammograms and I wondered how many of them were there for a callback like I was.  Honestly, you could hear a pin drop in that waiting area and nobody uttered a word.  I’m not sure if that’s because we were all terrified or if we just didn’t feel like talking.  Personally, I didn’t want to hear any horror stories from the other women or voice my fears to complete strangers.

    Finally, a new technician called me in to have my second mammogram.  I knew whatever they found was in my left breast because that is the only one they took more images of.  After my mammogram they called me in to have a breast ultrasound and checked both of my breasts.  The whole experience was terrifying because nobody explained anything to me or spoke to me about why I was there the whole time that I was being put through the battery of tests.

    After everything was over, the ultrasound technician came in to tell me that the doctor said I was fine and to come back in six months.  Obviously, this was not enough information for me so I asked to speak to the radiologist directly.  Being a Survivor, I’m more informed than your average patient so I needed some answers.  If that is one thing I could impart to all of you in this post is to be your own best health advocate.  Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to in order to be in control of your health and treatment.

    The radiologist was very pleasant and he explained to me that they had seen asymmetry or extra tissue in my left breast.  Since they like to see symmetry between both breasts, they called me back to take more images.  He went on to say that the ultrasound was negative and did not show any masses or tumors so that was good news.  However, they want to see me back in six months so they could make sure that there is no change with the extra tissue and to be able to compare images since this is the first time I had mammograms.

    I’m not going to lie and say that I feel completely relieved.  Although I’m happy and grateful that they didn’t find anything, I’m afraid that they will find something down the line.  The only solace that I have is that I am being monitored closely and will continue to ask a lot of questions and be proactive in my health and in all of my treatment.

    While I was researching being called back for a mammogram online, I found that a lot of us really don’t talk as much as we should about our experiences.  I’m not sure why that is aside from the fact that maybe talking about our breasts is not comfortable for some of us for a variety of reasons.  I think it is time to start talking about it and sharing our experiences with one another.  That is the only way that we can support one another and empower ourselves to make those important decisions that we sometimes need to make.  It’s okay to talk about the boobies!

Let’s Discuss:  Have you ever had a mammogram or been called back after a mammogram?  What was your experience?  

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  1. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I was called back last year. I have had fiberous tumors for probably 30 years. The last time I went they just wanted to check one tumor out further. It turned out fine… just llike yours. Whew… reilef.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s a nervous wreck. I got the call back on Wednesday and I go in on Tuesday. I’m 3 days in and I feel sick with terror. The next 3 days will take forever. Has anyone else been told to bring someone with you?

      • Melanie: I was wondering how your followup mammogram went. Your last post was from a month ago. I have my followup next week Wednesday, one long terrifying week from today. I’m praying for you.

      • Hoping all is well, Melanie.

      • Audrey Miller says

        Just found post. 41, almost 42 and had my first mammogram last week. Put it off after turning 40 because if busy work schedule, well, and just nerves. I do have a family history of breast cancer with Mother and Maternal Aunt. Got the dreaded call back and MA stated it was inconclusive so Provider ordered more testing. Upon my asking more questions she placed me on hold. I’m a nurse, so when she said inconclusive- I heard abnormal, and wanted her to tell me why. She returned to tell me diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound have been ordered for left breast only. I will ask to speak to Radiologist or view my results directly on myChart online for further inquiries but at least I know which breast is in question already. I know it could just be that the imaging wasn’t clear enough or that I have fibrous breasts…. however, I won’t feel at peace until after the ultra sound comes back normal. Not only do I hate the word inconclusive- but I also hate that my first mammogram left my breasts sore all day long afterward. Tender breasted I suppose. Hopefully when I return, it will be a new tech that realizes these things are actually attached to me and no matter how hard she pulls to squeeze every millimeter of tissue up onto that table before smashing to an oblivion, they’re not coming off. Not looking forward to more imaging and crossing my fingers for normal results afterward.

        • Hi, Audrey. I know how stressful it is to have to wait for some answers. The statistics are in your favor when it comes to callbacks, the majority of them end up being nothing, benign, or cysts. I’m sure you know that since you are a nurse. Just know that you are not alone in how you are feeling and please keep us posted to let us know how everything turns out. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

        • Elizabeth D. Arenas says

          Hi, I had the initial mammogram on Friday and yesterday, Monday I received a call for a follow up! At the time of the initial exam the tech insisted on additional X-rays on the left breast because a “blur”! She said that in a straight face. I get mammograms every year and I have a maternal aunt who had one breast removed/cancer ????I am scheduled in two days.

    • Just found my way to your post. I am shocked that so many women share this experience, and yet I had never heard of it! I had my first mammogram last week. I am 41, with no family history of breast cancer. I received the call late Monday, that there was a “finding”. I go in tomorrow for my repeat mammogram and ultrasound of my right breast. Even though I know the statistics are in my favor, I have struggled to sleep the last few nights. I truly thought breast cancer was something I didn’t have to worry about with no history in my family, extended breastfeeding, etc. I am realizing how naive I have been. I am going to share your post on Facebook. More women should be aware of the “callback” and have resources. Thank you.

      • Hi, Courtney. I was shocked to find out how many women get called back too. I hope you get a clean bill of health. I just had a mammogram over the summer and it was normal. Thank you for sharing the post and please let us know how things go.

        • Thank you for your kind words. I had my follow up yesterday. They did about 6 additional mammogram images, then ultrasound. The Dr. then came in and told me that I have a mass, but he feels strongly that it is a fibroadenoma, and does not feel a biopsy is needed at this time. I have to return in 6 months to make sure it hasn’t changed, and if everything remains fine, I will receive “special screenings” for the next two years. If I continue to stay fine, I will then return to routine screenings. It was a pretty scary experience. The Dr. said there is only a 2% chance it could be cancerous. He answered all my questions – I didn’t feel rushed at all – and did a good job of reassuring me, and making sure I understood the next steps. Thank you for making this post, and helping to educate and support women – it is so very important.

          • I’m so glad that you finally got some answers and that the doctor feels it is benign. It’s all very scary and we really need to support one another. It is my pleasure to use my platform to initiate this conversation. Please do keep in touch.

          • Hi ladies, 37 years old. Rountine checkup of breast exam sent me in for a mammo because doctor felt something weird on right breast. I had my first mammogram on October 5th and a call back to have an ultrasound on my left breast. Right breast was normal. They mammo noted a partial nodule that may be a lymph node or a cyst. Went back on October 12th for the ultrasound and they could not find any masses or cysts. They only thing they noted were normal lymph nodes but I have to come back in 6 months for a follow up mammogram on my left breast. Right now I’m going through a lot of emotions. How do I wait 6 months to search to see if anything has changed when they didn’t see anything in the ultrasound. I’ve been crying for weeks and I’m not sure if I can sit for 6 months with worry. I’m a mess right now feeling lost. Worrying if they will find cancer in the 6 month follow. No one talks about their stories on line except for the bad stories. Any advice?
            Thank you in advance.

          • Hi, Zetty. I know that waiting the six months can cause a lot of anxiety because I have been through it. All I can tell you is that if they felt there was something alarming present right now, they would have scheduled you for further tests including a biopsy. Try to stay calm, I know easier said than done, and take comfort in the fact that they are monitoring you closely to see how things go in six months. Good luck to you for a favorable outcome and keep us posted.

        • Thank you Tough Cookie Mommy you put me a little bit more at ease while I wait to get my callback mammogram and ultrasound.

  2. Hugs to you Maria and I’m glad you got the all clear. I understand how you feel about not being completely relieved because it kind of hangs over your head about your family history with breast cancer. I’m believing in you being completely and forever healed.

  3. Rachel @TaoOfPoop says

    I have gone through this too. It is really hard. It is good that they didn’t find anything, and, most of the time, they don’t. You are great for being so diligent. Keep it up!

  4. GrandmaBonnie A says

    I am so glad they only have to keep monitoring you. I have not had a mammogram in a few years. I know its time for another one. I should really make the appointment soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I have been called back and monitored too. It turned out to be the extra tissue but it was a scary time.

  6. I haven’t had a mammogram yet, but any time you get a call back for a check up is nerve wracking! I am happy to hear that yours proved to be nothing. And I agree, you need to speak up and ask a lot of questions. You need to take control of your health, because you certainly can’t count on anyone else doing it for you.

  7. Susan Colmenares says

    I am finding that so many women get called back and I cannot help but wonder why. My husband, who is retired from hospital administration insists that this is due to the fact that the mammogram is now part of the annual physical, and therefore is reimbursed to the practitioner at a very low rate. Repeat mammos are considered diagnostic and reimbursed at a higher rate. I hope he is mistaken but I doubt it.

    • It’s true! See my comment above!

    • Yovanna Bieberich says

      I totally agree. I think they are playing off of women’s fears…knowing they will pay anything…even go bankrupt, paying for extra tests they don’t need. I got a call back. No history of breast cancer anywhere in my family going back even generations! My cancer screening even found I’m lower than average risk for breast and uterine cancers. But still, got a call back. No explanation other than “dense breasts” and that’s a normal thing. I wasn’t going to go back since insurance won’t cover it and I’m barely paying rent as it is. But they hounded me…sent me certified mails, phone calls, etc. Even though I know if they HAD seen something suspicious, they would have told me that right away instead of tell me I had “dense breasts,” which is normal for my age. So I relented and talked to my doctor who even said it probably wasn’t necessary, but since this was my first call back ever, to go ahead and do it this once. So I did, and of course. NOTHING was wrong. I totally feel ripped off. I got a bill for $350 PLUS $35 to pay the radiologist. I’m so angry. I feel this whole callback thing is a scam for most women. Granted, some women do need this extra monitoring/screening, but most of us I suspect don’t. They’re playing off our fears to suck every last bit of money out of us they can. Not sure how I will pay that $350 I didn’t need to pay to begin with.

      • I also feel it may be a money grab. I just got my 1st mammogram, I am 41, Wednesday and they said I need to come back for another mammogram and ultrasound. Which I wasn’t able to schedule until this Wednesday. Of course I am nervous and don’t like the waiting. The more I research the more I am seeing the debate about whether it is advantageous to get a mammogram in your forties. There at false positives and cause women to go through more tests and anxiety. There have been more mammograms but the treatment isn’t much different then if you found the lump yourself. I have been doing a lot of reading on this lately. Also the more mammograms you get the more radiation you are receiving which actually causes cancer. So it worries me if they would want to check every 6 months.

  8. I got a callback and it was inconclusive and I ended up having to go in for a biopsy. Yes, it was a very unsettling few weeks, so I know exactly how you feel.

  9. Akhil Sharma says

    I hope every women in the world live healthy. i’ll continue praying for everyone. nice post

  10. SO glad everything worked out. I like how you weren’t satisfied with the first answer you got and asked for more info. That’s so important to do with any kind of medical procedure

  11. Hooray for talking about it! I come from a family of 6 girls who never talks about anything like this and we’re only now in our late 30’s starting to realize we need to know what’s going on with each other. Glad your tests came back negative this time.

  12. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    Whew, so glad it was okay. Yes, when I was 30 they found a lump in my breast. I had a mammogram and then a scheduled biopsy. We prayed and had our church pray , when I went for the biopsy, there was no lump. All gone. But it was super scary and yes, no one talks to you while they put you through all this. That makes it worse.

  13. I am so glad that your results were negative. It’s so important to talk about. When I was called back I was terrified, especially since my mom had BC. At least now we are monitored more closely if there is a family member who has had it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  14. So glad to hear your results were negative! Such an amazing system though that hopefully saves a large number of people every year 🙂 x

  15. Glad everything came out negative for you, Maria!

  16. Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen says

    Hi Maria, I am right with you there girlfriend! I had cancer when I was a kid but have been in remission for over 30 years. In 2010 I had a mammogram and they found some areas they didn’t like. I had to have a needle biopsy then a MRI guided needle biopsy. Long story short, I opted to have a double mastectomy just to be safe and get it all over with. I am a HUGE advocate of mammograms!!!

  17. it’s nice for you share the story, and I’m glad it was a happy ending. I need to get a mammogram and have been too chicken to go. Silly, but very true. I know that i need to do it though. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  18. southernmessmom says

    I really appreciate you sharing your story. I am only 27, but part of me wants to go ahead and get checked. I don’t know why I’m so worried about it, I guess because I know a lot of people that have suffered from cancer lately and it just terrifies me. I’m thinking of talking to my gyno about it at my next appointment..I have like 6 months lol.

  19. Healy Harpster says

    I still have to wait many years before I can have my mammogram… I hope what they found in you will not change after six months.

  20. Corinne Schmitt says

    Good for you for asking for more details rather than leaving and continuing to worry! This is one of the reasons I always bring a friend with me to important medical appointments so they can help me remember the things I mean to ask or tell the doctor, but usually forget when I’m there and also to have another set of ears to help me catch all the details.

  21. I was actually looking forward to this post to hear about your followup results. I’m happy that everything turned out ok in the end but I hate that they weren’t cordial enough to tell you what was going on. Having you worried out of your mind. I do a monthly check on myself although I don’t have a family history but I’ve felt lumps when I was pregnant with Madison, turned out just to be fat but I was worried. Early detection is the way to go!

  22. Melinda Kuffler Dunne says

    I will be honest, even reading your post my eyes filled with tears. I have had so many similar issues and situations it is very difficult to talk about. I have had 6 lumpectomies so every single time I have a mammogram I am on the verge of tears. (There have been times I have started crying during the exam). It is extremely stressful and nerve racking. I am glad to hear things turned out to be OK.

    • I am going in tomorrow for a call back and I am terrified beyond belief….I have had a couple of biopsy’s in the past and the call backs are the worst! I was just reading that deodorant can cause the film to show what looks like calcification’s and did forget that I had some on during my first round. I am so scared maybe I am just grasping at straws, but anything to make this sick horrific feeling to subside is worth it! 9am tomorrow cannot come fast enough, and to top it off I have a VERY important job interview at 1pm tomorrow, just another reason I hope all is well, don’t know how I would get through it if I am facing more testing!

  23. First thanksbfor sharing your story. As someone with a family history of bc I woll get one at age 40. Earlier if necessary.

  24. Courtney Pies says

    Thank God your second mammogram was okay! My mom had stage one breast cancer back in 2006 – luckily she just had to go through radiation and it was gone. I feel so bad for ladies who have to go through chemo.

  25. I too had to go back & get a second mammogram and then an ultrasound! I DID ask tons and tons of questions, because I myself could see something on the ultrasound screen! And plus it’s not that hard to figure out that there is “something” when the technician breezes through the first one then takes a lot of pictures and measurements on the other one! With tears rolling down my face, I asked question after question after question and all I got was “I am not allowed to say, I’m just the technician, I’m sorry” but I still asked away! When she was finished told me not to get dressed yet, she had to make sure the ultrasound and images were enough and good enough & she would be back in a bit to let me know! So I told her “if there is someone here that is checking YOUR work, then can they come back with you because they will be able to answer some of my questions. She said sure & left. Well, sure enough she came back BY HERSELF! I WAS being nice up until this point! It did me no good! I was a basket case for a week! To top it all off my husband was out of town, back to his hometown for his mothers burial service! So I did not want to talk about my whole ordeal with him because he himself is grieving the loss of his mother & I didn’t want him to worry about me! Anyways, it turned out to be just a cyst!!! Thank goodness!
    @Susan Colmenares “mammogram is now part of the annual physical, and therefore is reimbursed to the practitioner at a very low rate. Repeat mammos are considered diagnostic and reimbursed at a higher rate” I talked to my OB/GYN who just wrote me up another order to get my mammogram done in October & I said I hope its just 1 this time because the first mammogram was free, but the second & ultrasound was super expensive! She said kind of the same thing-that the first one goes along with a persons yearly check-up! But continue to fight insurance and tell them it’s a re-check of the yearly one! But since I did talk to her about how poorly I was treated & how traumatic the whole ordeal was-this year she ordered the mammogram and ultrasound to be done the first time so there should be no call back at all!

  26. Mammograms are so important. I have to have one this year (I’m 30), because my mom had brrast cancer about 10 years ago (she’s a survivor!). Educating ourselves is our best defense… and those monthly self-exams!

  27. Extremely important! Prevention is everything. I have never gotten a call to go back thank God. I lost my best friend to breast cancer, so this is something very important in my household.

  28. This is such a good thing to talk about! More women need to know the importance of getting checked. There is a history of breast cancer on my mother’s side, so I’ve been making sure to get checked out too.

  29. Marlene Martinez says

    As women is very important to do this kind of test to prevent breast cancer I love this campaigns to engage other people to check itself. Very important to go to see a doctor annually to see everything is going ok.

  30. Donna Houston says

    got my callback today from the mammogram I had done last week…..which lead me here WHICH obviously means I’m a wreck if I’m online searching this. First reaction was to lose to it ,,,,,,in my mind I planned my demise (over the course of approx 2:00) then I pulled it together and went to tell my boyfriend (live-in of ten years). This is my second mammogram. I’m 45 years old and I did not have a call back after my first one so that makes this all the more frightening…..and to add insult to injury I can’t get back in for another 8 days :-/ I did ask the lady that called why they needed to see me again and she opened up my file and said it simply noted that they wanted to do another mammogram on my left breast and possibly an ultrasound, depending on the new mammogram results, because of an abnormality. Well, that wasn’t very informative….just more frightening I probably would’ve been better off not asking….now every sensation coming from anywhere in the vicinity of my left breast freaks me out…now I’m just overly paranoid. So…yeah, wish me luck!

    • Hi, Donna. I think that it is better to ask a lot of questions, even if we are frightened about what the outcome will be. I know it has been seven months and I would love to know how everything turned out for you. Keeping you in my prayers.

  31. Ashley Foster says

    I’m 41 and had my first mammogram on Monday. Today, Wednesday, my phone light up with a number I wasn’t familiar with and my heart sank. Yep, the call back. Worse yet, they can’t even find a time to see me before a week from this coming Monday. That’s 12 days away. 12 days! Twelve days is a long time to be this worried. I just want to say thank you for writing this post because I am so, well, freaked out, that just knowing that my reaction is a shared reaction is very comforting. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    • Hi, Ashley. I know how afraid you are right now. Any woman who has received a callback goes through this. I’m really glad that this post has helped to comfort you in knowing that we all know how it feels to wait for some answers. Feel free to email me privately if you just need to talk. My email is up above in the header. I will keep you in my prayers for a good outcome. By the way, I ended up having two additional mammograms after my initial one and they finally told me after the last one that I can come back when I’m 40. Keep in touch and let me know how everything turns out for you.

  32. I just had a mammogram Friday & got a call this afternoon to come back tomorrow for more pictures, the radiologist wants “motion pictures” they said? As you can imagine I’ve been freaking out but I’m glad to see that other women have come through this okay! I’ve been thinking all kinds new of crazy things but I just keep saying everything is fine. Plus the numbers are in my favor right? “According to the American Cancer Society, about 10% of women who have a mammogram will be called back for more tests. But only 8% to 10% of those women will need a biopsy and 80% of those biopsies turn out be benign…”
    I’m sure it’s fine. But I’m going to bed b/c I can’t think about it.

    • Turns out everything was fine! Thank GOD! They only needed to “retake the pics” b/c they came out blurry and not a full diagnostic exam! I wish they had explained it better when they called me back to tell me that! Either way I’m just glad everything is fine. They mentioned that I have very dense breasts which could have been the problem the pictures were blurry.

  33. I am 63 and have had mammograms for years. I just got a call today to see a radiologist. The person on the phone would give me know details. She kept saying,”I don’t get that information.” So, I have no idea what will happen. She said to allow an hour and a half and I would have results that day. I have to wait over a week for the appointment. If what they fund was alarming wouldn’t they get me in sooner, or am I grasping at straws?? I am a worrier so it will be a week from hell!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing! I just turned 40, had my first mammogram Friday and got the call back today. They said asymetrical thickening. They want to do a magnified mammy on r breast and ultrasound. Told me the radiologist would be doing this. I appreciated that you said they told you not to be alarmed at a callback for first timers…yet you were anyway because well who wouldn’t be! That’s how I feel. And more than anything…I appreciated your encouragement to other women to be there own/best advocate. It’s so true. I was being checked I order to refill my hormones. I had a hysterectomy in my early 30’s. I didn’t need it. It was a miss dx. I could have been a better advocate then. I wasn’t but I am now. Doctors are human, they make mistakes….you have to be your own advocate! In my case I make my own appt she said within 30 days…. So I’m assuming it’s not that bad….is this asymetrical thickening common? Anyway… of luck to all of you. Thanks to everyone here for sharing and being honest, I’m sure it helps more people than you will ever know!

  35. Hi, I had my first mammogram today. As I was leaving the tech said, dont be surprised if you get a call to come back, a lot of first timers have to come back in… ok.. didnt like that news… and 6 hours later. I get the call, the dr didnt like the image of my left breast and could I come in and do it again. (tech said she didnt get enough breast tissue in image on my left side) so, I am going in tomorrow. Very anxious.

  36. of course I am here for the same horrifying callback and letter that gave me no information but further evaluation is needed. I got the letter Friday afternoon and I called asap to hear that they had no one for me to speak to. She firmly states to me I dont have the information and because of HIPPA ….. and so it goes. you just feel so lonely and desparate. I did email a friend who works in mammography and the standard its probably nothing it is usually nothing. I will have an appt on Tuesday and pray it is dense tissue or a bad photo…my daughter is getting married in 8 weeks and I want to enjoy it all. please send me your prayers! thank you. Pam

    • Hi, Pam. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Hopefully it will be nothing and you will get an all clear. Sending you a big hug.

      • Thank you so much for the reply. This is the 3rd day of up and down and what ifs. I am weepy today and wish I could sleep but it just won’t come. I am grieving for things I don’t even think about on a daily basis. I am usually a upbeat person and I would normally tell anyone going through this I am here for you. Funny how we give in to this terror. It’s the impersonal letter that really put me in a whirl. Why don’t they just keep you at the facility while they read it and make it happen right away. I am sure it is financial but I would pay thousands of dollars right now to have not had to go through this torture weekend. I’ll post again after Tuesday. So thankful to have a place to vent and get to read other stories. Sending you a big hug too Tough Cookie Mommy 🙂 Pam

  37. I found this website when I was searching for abnormal symmetry in a mammogram. My primary dr’s nurse called me to tell me that my mammogram was abnormal and that they needed to do repeat mammogram and maybe an ultrasound. I’m terrified and didn’t even think that my insurance covers a preventive mammogram but I have no idea about this.
    I’m so scared and I don’t know what could happen next except that the radiologist will call to set up an appointment sometime soon and I m here thinking the worst.

    • Hi, Penny. That was the reason that I had to go back, because of asymmetry in my left breast. Don’t panic it could be due to a number of reasons. Make sure you ask them to have the radiologist read your films before you leave so you could get some answers right away. I’ll be praying for you and sending you healing thoughts.

  38. Had my first mammogram last week at 35 yrs old. The tech that took the images made me wait while she looked at them and came back in and said she got good clean clear images and that I did great(like everything was fine). I said so you would be able to see something right!?! She said well I’m not allowed to say anything they will read them and send you a letter. I said I was really nervous and she said I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Well that was Monday and I hand heard anything till I got my letter Saturday afternoon that said “the mammogram shows need for further evaluation) I am freaking out all weekend. The letter also said that I did NOT have dense breast so that worries me that I know the pics were clear and my breasts are not dense so those cant be the reason for the call back. I am workin pins and needles till I can call the dr in the morning.

    • Hi, Tammy.

      I’m so sorry that you are going through this time of stress and anxiety. Most of us who have gone through this can completely relate to how upsetting and frustrating this time can be. I will be praying that everything is fine. Please keep us posted as to your progress. Sending you calming and healing thoughts.

  39. Hi Maria, thank you so much for sharing your experience. This is exactly my story! I had my first mammogram 1 week ago, they found an asymmetry on the left side (this is at least what the technician said when I had to do a second round of images). Then ultrasound. The very young technician told me everything looked healthy. Then she talked to the physician, came back and said everything is okay and I shall come back in 6 months. If I only had talked to the radiologist like you! I know, I should be glad that everything is obviously fine but to be honest I am scared to death. I cannot sleep. What if it changes in 6 months? How did you live through the next months after your initial mammogram?
    Best wishes and thanks again for this relief, Katie

    • Hi, Katie. I’m so glad you found me through this post. Although I was still worried like you, I tried to live normally for the next six months until the subsequent mammogram. The day of it, I was shaking like a leaf with my nerves. I ended up having the third mammogram six months later and the radiologist came in to tell me it was normal and that he will see me back when I’m 40. I actually saved the letter from the imaging place that says it was normal so I can look at it whenever I get nervous. Honestly, the thing that gave me solace is the fact that, statistically, most of the women who get called back are found to have normal results in the end. Please keep us posted and stay in touch. xo Maria

  40. And what I forgot to ask…Have you ever considered to get a second opinion or a biopsy or could you live with the recommendation to wait 6 months? So many concerns…I do not know what to do…

    • I have read that some women can’t take the worrying and they request a biopsy right away. Keep in mind that, when they biopsy your breasts, they leave a marker inside them where they biopsied. You should also consider whether you want to put yourself through that unnecessarily. Of course, I’m no expert and I would certainly do whatever it took to ensure my health. It’s a very personal decision.

      • Thank you so much for your warm reply, this indeed helps me a lot. Yes, I think you are very right, I should wait and hope. And maybe after the first 6 months it will get better…
        All the best to you, Katie

  41. I don’t know if this post is still valid after all this time but I’m going to try it. Had my mammogram back in February and got the call back today for a recheck mammogram on my right breast and an ultrasound. Going back in four days. I know worrying doesn’t change a thing but I am a worrier. I did feel a little better reading the positive outcomes on this post. Praying everything is fine.

  42. I too just had my first mammogram. I got the callback for a bilateral ultrasound. I didn’t make the appointment until this past week because I couldn’t get answers. My own doctor never even called. Finally the supervisor told me there were 4 densities in my left breast so they need to make sure it’s not cancer. I’m freaked…feeling sick to my stomach, frozen. But have my 5 year old to take care of. Praying they are calcifications. I will know tomorrow afternoon but I’m so angry no one has called me from my doctor. Guessing because it’s routine??? Not convinced.

    • Lisa Saracino says

      Hi Kristie! I just had my first mammo at 47( I was afraid which is why I irresponsibly waited). I got a callback appt for Wednesday ..she said my breasts had dense areas and I need ultrasound and more images…I’m terrified but I am putting my faith in God and praying hard..I’m wondering how you are and how things went ? Praying all is well and thank you Tough Cookie Mommy for making this forum available , it has helped me relax a bit 🙂

  43. shannon kleinke says

    I had asymmetry found 3 years ago, had to go back for ultrasound, and when I was told it was because I lost weight and my breasts changed, and it was nothing..I cried. Last year the mammogram came back clear.
    I just had a mammogram done 3 days ago, they called me today to tell me another asymmetry was found in my left breast, and I need to go in for an ultrasound….but won’t schedule for almost a month away.
    I guess I figure if they found something to worry about they’d get me in ASAP…plus my left breast is also differently shaped than the right one. I’m praying to God I’m alright. And I’ll always pray for a cure.

  44. I just had a mammogram last week and received a call back for this Friday. I am more anxious than normal because I lost my husband 2 months ago to lung cancer and just cannot stand the thought of my grown daughters having to go through this again. I am 60 years old. The finding stated:

    “An area of asymmetry measuring 1.1 cm is noted in the superior right breast 12 cm from the nipple on the MLO view requires further evaluation.”

    I have no idea what all this means but am praying for Friday. My anxiety has already been out the roof due to grief and stress. Just so nervous.

    • Hi, Cathy. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. I know it doesn’t take away the anxiety but keep in mind that most women who get a callback end up getting cleared. We are all here for you and know how stressful this experience is. Please keep me posted, I am praying for a good outcome.

  45. Nancy Stober says

    Hi after almost 20 years of clean mammos I got the dreaded call back, the nurse said it’s very common and they could not get a clear picture so
    Inconclusive on the right side. I do have dense breasts and understand this is very common.
    Anyone told inconclusive and if so, what was the reason? Trying to keep positive but hard. Thank you bless you all and this site.

    • Hi, Nancy. A friend of mine who got a call back received the same explanation. She had to go back after six months and has since received normal findings. Praying for a good outcome for you. Keep in touch.

  46. Has anybody had a breast reduction and the following mammogram you got called back on?


  1. […] of you have virtually held my hand recently when I went through my first mammogram screening and callback scare.  Although it was terrifying to worry about possibly being told I have breast cancer, I am aware […]

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