Candy Soda Crush Mix

    The men in my life are addicted to game apps.  Whenever we go anywhere, you often find my boys happily playing away on their tablets while my husband plays Candy Crush on his phone.  Most of the time I am happy that they are all preoccupied, especially when I am shopping and don't want them harassing me and asking me if I am finished yet.  Other times, I ask them to turn off all of their electronic devices so we could enjoy some quality time.     During these times that we turn off and shut down, one of the easiest ways to keep their attention is to bribe them with delicious sweets or treats.  We don't often eat candy or other sugary things but, once in a while, I do like to let them all indulge.  After all, eating some candy from time to time is something we all relished in when we were kids.  My husband never actually outgrew this stage and he is always trying to sneak sweets, even when the kids are not around!     Recently, I had an idea of creating a Candy Soda Crush Mix that … [Read more...]