Hallmark Channel’s LOVEUARY Original Premiere of “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” on Saturday, February 12th at 8pm/7c!  #TheWeddingVeil #AD

When you have been married for over twenty years, your definition of romance evolves over time and based on your experiences as a couple. This can definitely be said of how I perceive romance or romantic gestures from my husband over the years. As a younger couple, my expectations for romance were pretty traditional such as receiving flowers and cards on Valentine’s Day or getting cute messages on my pager. I’m pretty sure I’m dating myself by admitting that I still had a pager when we began dating in the late nineties. LOL!

Now that I am older and wiser, I understand that romance comes in many forms but, specifically, in some of the most unexpected ways. These days, romance sounds like receiving a phone call after work just to make sure that I had a good day, bringing home my favorite foods, or spending time together watching movies. You definitely come to be more appreciative of the little things once you’ve been together for a long time. After all, flowers are nice but nothing says “I love you” like snuggling up with a fuzzy throw where love happens, Hallmark Channel, which is the go-to destination for watching romantic movies.

“Loveuary is the new February!” FOUR (4) NEW romantic movies are premiering that are part of the original Loveuary programing on Hallmark Channel all throughout February which begins on Saturday, February 5th with the encore of the premiere of The Wedding Veil starring LaceyChabert (Feb. 5th), The Wedding Veil Unveiled starring Autumn Resser (Feb 12th), The Wedding Veil Legacy starring Alison Sweeney (Feb 19th) and Welcome to Mama’s starring Melanie Scrofano (Feb. 26th).

Hubby and I will definitely be watching The Wedding Veil trilogy which follows 3 best friends who met in grad school. It includes the three movies and is a first for Hallmark Channel and will include 3 of its biggest stars who will also be featured in all three movies while starring in their own and highlighting their personal love stories. I’ve always been a sucker when it comes to watching romantic trilogies and I’ve already told my husband that part of my Valentine’s Day present will come in the form of his watching the trilogy with me and spending some romantic, quality time together. See the Loveuary Programming schedule below so you can plan to spend some romantic time with your sweetheart this month too!


·       “The Wedding Veil”- Saturday, February 5th, 2022

·       “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” – Saturday, February 12th, 2022

·       “The Wedding Veil Legacy” – Saturday, February 19th, 2022

·       “Welcome to Mama’s” – Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Make sure you tune in this month! LOVEUARY is the new February with Hallmark Channel’s all new original programming and the premiere of “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” this Saturday, Feb 12th! at 8pm/7c! 

Let’s Discuss: What does romance mean to you?


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  1. Love means putting the other person’s needs before your own. That’s why a mother’s love is the greatest love, in my opinion.

  2. To me, love means caring for someone or something (a pet), because it feels right. You want the best for them and usually enjoy being with them.

  3. donna porter says

    Love is an deep affection for another person. You are there for them through the good and bad, trust them deeply and always putting them first!

  4. Love means putting actions behind the words. I like when a partner does an activity that I did not get to and surprises me.

  5. Kim Henrichs says

    Love to me means truly caring for another person with unconditional love in return, forgiveness and grace.

  6. Love is simple as a smile, a compliment, doing something kind for a complete stranger. Love can take many meainings.

  7. Love means patience and kindness to me, and quality time together.

  8. Great covers

  9. Love means building a solid foundation based on trust and mutual admiration and caring with somebody else. It’s knowing somebody has your back, and their knowing that you have theirs!

  10. Love means caring about other people and spending time together.

  11. Love for me means, being reliable, kind, understanding, and caring.

  12. Love means putting others before yourself without thinking twice.

  13. Susan Smith says

    Love means caring for someone and putting that persons needs above your own.

  14. Love to me means support, trust, safety, home, comfort. Love makes you want to wake up each day and be a better person than the day before, love makes you feel safe and warm. Love is unconditional and respectful.

  15. A romantic partner need to be attentive, thoughtful, willing, creative, and considerate of their partner’s secret desires.

  16. Love to me is unconditional care, honesty, trust and fun with that magical feelings too! It truly feels right and you can be your authentic self with someone who loves you and you love them.

  17. amanda whitley says

    Loves means putting someone elses needs in front of your own and always standing by them.

  18. Brandy Cardenas says

    Love to me means loving someone unconditionally. Loving them through all their strengths and weaknesses. Loving them through all the good times and the bad.

  19. Love means Family and friends enjoying time together. Love means furry little pets cuddling up next to you. Love means caring about othersand being there when they need you.

  20. Love is putting others feelings above your own.

  21. Love is when you get this certain feeling like no other about the person. When you trust the person and would do anything for them.

  22. Tiffany Greene says

    Love to me means loving someone without having expectations or limiting beliefs. Also means caring for someone, putting their needs before your own, and having a genuine desire for their happiness.

  23. Love means being able to trust the other and knowing they will not hurt you and have laughter to make life meaningful.

  24. Christina Franco says

    Romance to me is when you absolutely are in love with someone and would absolutely do everything possible to make them happy. Giving someone compliments to make them smile and have a good day.

  25. Love to me means caring for another person and showing them kindness.

  26. Kelly l Woods says

    Love means taking care of each other no matter what. It means being there for each other. It also means listening to each other and sharing. It means discussing things and working things out. I could go on and on, but love is sacrificing for each other.

  27. Love means being nice, trying to understand what other people might be going through and to not judge or be mean.

  28. To me love is caring and kind and being there through the good times and bad.

  29. Cathy Truman says

    Love means being there in good times and bad times.

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