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My younger son commented to me today, after we returned from spending the day at the beach, that he is having a great summer. I was happy to hear that he is enjoying himself since the past few summers have been much different due to the pandemic. I have been enjoying packing our lunches and snacks for our outdoor adventures. Many of these picnic lunches have included Entenmann’s® Minis because they are the same delicious variety of baked goods we know and love, from donuts, crumb cake, apple pie and more, perfectly sized, and individually wrapped. 

My son especially loves NEW Entenmann’s® Minis Sprinkled Iced Brownies. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than the addition of sprinkles – especially on top of a classic snack like brownies! Entenmann’s Minis Sprinkled Iced Brownies are fudgy, moist and topped with a layer of decadent fudge icing and fun, colorful sprinkles. We are usually very busy during the week so it is nice to have convenient snack options that are not only delicious, but so much fun to eat as well!

Enter the Entenmann’s® Minis Sprinklefest Giveaway:

  • Just in time for National Sprinkle Day on July 23, you can enter for a chance to win free Entenmann’s® Minis Sprinkled Iced Brownies at from July 11 through July 25.
  • 5,000 lucky fans will be selected at random to win free Entenmann’s® Minis Sprinkled Iced Brownies product awarded in the form of one (1) coupon.
  • All entries must be submitted by July 25, CLICK HERE to qualify.

Minis are perfectly sized and individually wrapped to make on the go snacking and lunchtime packing a breeze! Make sure you take them with you on your next outdoor adventure. We love taking them with us to our daily beach outings and your family will also!

Let’s Discuss: Why do you think Entenmann’s® Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy?


One lucky Tough Cookie Mommy reader is going to win (3) Entenmann’s coupons (ARV $4.99 Each) to purchase Minis Sprinkled Iced Brownies +  a $25 Virtual Visa Gift Card! (Virtual card can only be used for online purchases) The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., and will run through 7/28/21. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to winning email before a new one is chosen.

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  1. mami2jcn says

    It makes things easy because you don’t have to buy ingredients to bake brownies yourself…the brownies are already made.

  2. I think they make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because they are the perfect size, easy to pack, and fun to eat!

  3. Angelica Dimeo says

    I think they make a good snack because you can easily fit them in a lunch box like I do for my son who takes his lunch to school.

  4. Entemann’s treats are so easy and convenient to have as a special treat without me having to bake anything. I’ve been enjoying Entenmann’s products ever since I was a little girl, and everything has always been so tasty. I enjoy sharing them now with my children.

  5. Kim Henrichs says

    I think what’s great is they’re well proportioned. And you don’t have to eat them all up right away they stay fresh for awhile so you’re not hurrying up to eat a whole pan of brownies in two days.

  6. Shelly Peterson says

    Entenmann’s snacks are so yummy. They are individually wrapped and the perfect on the go snack size.

  7. Most Entenmann’s products are great for on-the-go activities because they are individually wrapped. They also come in the perfect portions, making them an ideal snack to pack along.

  8. I think they make on-the-go snacking so easy because they are all individually wrapped. That makes it easy to throw them in a bag to eat later.

  9. Heidi bee says

    Entenmann’s® Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because they are individually wrapped and so handy, plus super tasty!

  10. Seyma Bennett Shabbir says

    Entenmann’s® Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because they have so many great flavors and single packaging for your kids and yourself.

  11. Patricia E says

    It makes them convenient and portable for my kids lunches. Also this make a great portion control.

  12. Tracie Cooper says

    Yes they make the perfect on the go treat! We love to take them on our trips to the local water and amusement parks!

  13. Ellie Wright says

    My whole family loves the blueberry Mini Bites. It makes it super easy to pack in lunch boxes and also as an after school snack. Our schools start back 8/2. I’ll be stocking up on them soon.

  14. Nancy E Loring says

    I have always been someone who likes to eat while I am driving. I have always taken Entenmann products with me because they are the perfect size to pop in my mouth and not distract me while I drive, Plus they all taste great.

  15. Entenmann’s Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because they are convenient and oh so tasty. My entire family loves them! They are so delicious.

  16. Jennifer Rote says

    Entenmann’s® Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because they offer such a great variety of single serving snacks.

  17. Anything individually packaged is going to make snack time easy since you can throw it in your bag or go for an easy on the go snack.

  18. Jessica To says

    I think Entenmann’s are great because they are large enough to fill you up for a snack but they all taste so good. I like the Chocolate Chip Little Bites and the Blueberry ones too.

  19. They are pre-packaged and easy to just grab on your way out for an easy snack or bring with you for the day.

  20. Carolsue says

    It makes things easy because they are already prepared! And the kids love them! And they make a great lunchbox addition!

  21. kelly tupick says

    They are perfect for snacking and lunches as they are small to pack up and easy to eat. I love all the flavors and varieties they offer. The whole family loves them, even in the mornings as a quick breakfast on the go.

  22. I think that Entenmann’s Minis would make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime easy because my kids could just grab a pack and take it with them. They could even be frozen on a hot day.

  23. Because they’re individually wrapped.

  24. Susan Smith says

    They are individually wrapped and the perfect on the go snacking. We take them when we go to the park, zoo and when traveling. They are perfect to pack for school lunches.

  25. It’s easy because they are perfect in size and easy to eat on the go. And no cooking required.

  26. Janice Cooper says

    I think Entenmann’s mini’s are the perfect on the go snack because they are delicious and convenient.

  27. It is easy because they perfect in size, good to eat on the go.
    And no cooking is required.

  28. Elizabeth TierceMiller says

    We love Entenmann’s. Their products make life so easy for on the go with kids to sports, activities, vacations, the beach, the pool, and the park. They are great for an extra treat in a lunchbox as well. Their products always have a fresh taste and are great.

  29. Entenmann’s Mini’s are the perfect snack to just grab and go! Don’t have to bake them ourselves, all ready to eat!

  30. I think think Entenmann’s® Minis make on-the-go snacking and lunchtime so easy because you can pack them in lunches or throw them in the car for the perfect road trip snack and the kids just love them.

  31. Jeremy Mclaughlin says

    They are perfect on the go snacks since they are wrapped individually.

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