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    We love donuts in our house. As a matter of fact, I took both of my sons to my job last Friday and one of my co-workers asked if she could bring in a special treat for them to enjoy. Of course, they asked her to bring in donuts and they enjoyed eating them all day long! I would say that donuts are definitely in their top three favorite desserts.


    I think our family loves donuts so much because they come in so many varieties and they are the perfect on-the-go snack. We often take them with us on road trips and because they are so convenient to travel with and so much fun to eat. Also, they can be eaten for breakfast with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or even enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. Really, there is no wrong time of the day to enjoy donuts.


    The search for the country’s biggest donut devotee is on! Entenmann’s®, the iconic baked goods brand, has officially announced its search for the person who deserves its sweetest honorary title ever: Chief Donut Officer. From May 7 to June 30, 2018, enthusiastic donut fans can enter the Entenmann’s® Chief Donut Officer Contest at for the opportunity to win the coveted honorary title and sweet prizes, including $5,000 and a year’s supply of donuts.


    When entering the contest, fans will simply share their love for Entenmann’s® donuts and their ideas for product innovation. Each response will be judged based on passion, creativity and originality, and five finalists will be selected and invited to submit video testimonials about why they deserve to be named Chief Donut Officer. From there, fans across the country will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidate!


    The grand prize winner will be announced on August 7, but all finalists will reap some sweet rewards – all four runners-up will receive $1,000 and free donuts for a year. Imagine free donuts for a year, what are you waiting for, go enter!

Let’s Discuss: What does your family love so much about donuts?


Our Sponsor is giving away an Entenmann’s® Prize Pack containing a $25 digital VISA Gift Card so you can purchase your favorite Entenmann’s® donuts!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We love that they’re easy to grab and go for breakfast or a snack.

  2. We love a treat of donuts! Perfect for weekends. ?

  3. My family loves the taste, flavors and the best part is sharing when it is down to the last donut in the box.

  4. Jennifer Marie says

    My family can literally eat donuts all day long. My family loves that there are such a variety available.

  5. Jennifer Marie says

    We love all the variety available with donuts. We also love to eat them all day!

  6. Donuts are a weakness of mine. I have to make a point NOT to buy them, cause when they’re around I grab them and a glass of milk!

  7. Carly Webb says

    Yum! Those look so good!

  8. Anne Stull says

    I love that donuts are the perfect sized snack for me and my son. ?

  9. Stephanie Reed says

    All my Latchkey kids knew doughnuts are my favorite food!

  10. Casandra LaMonaca says

    Nothing goes better with a hot cup of coffee then a donut. They are so comforting and delicious. Entenmann’s makes delicious donuts. My favorite is the double chocolate.

  11. Janet W. says

    We love the different kinds of donuts and making a “sampler platter” of them by sharing with each other!

  12. Stafford Brix says

    We love the different flavors they have and that we can share them as a family especially on Sundays!

  13. Cynthia C says

    We love donuts because they make such a good afternoon snack with coffee. My favorites are the chocolate ones.

  14. mami2jcn says

    We love the sweet flavors and how portable they are when we’re in a rush to go somewhere. Entenmanns crumb topped donuts are a favorite around here.

  15. Dana Rodriguez says

    There is a flavor to please everyone! Cute photos!

  16. My family loves the taste of donuts. I personally think donuts go super good with coffee.

  17. Karyn Koehler says

    We are donut fanatics. We get them at least one day a week and they do not last long…

  18. amy guillaume linderman says

    My family just loves they come in so many flavors and powdered ones are so fun to eat!

  19. Tammy Shelton says

    We love them because they are sugary and sweet… just like me!

  20. shelly peterson says

    Doughnuts just taste so good and they are great to eat any time of the day.

  21. Jessica To says

    I love the sweetness of glazed donuts. My son loves powdered donuts so we always have to get a mix!

  22. Neely Moldovan says

    When I was pregnant I craved donuts all the time but I havent had one since. This makes me want one!

  23. Donuts are definitely one of my favourite treats. Whenever I travel to a new city I like to taste-test the different local donuts shops and compare them to the ones here at home.

  24. cyndi br says

    We like the variety of flavors and we like that doughnuts are easy to eat anywhere.

  25. Patricia says

    We love that they come in different varieties.

  26. Julie Cutshaw says

    From a mamaw’s point of view on donuts, I can happily say that my whole family always ask me to shop for Entenmann’s and love knowing they are here to enjoy for any occasion or reason. I think anything chocolate flavored are my family’s favorite with Entenmann’s donuts. While some like them with coffee, others love them with milk. Especially the grandkids! And we pack them for Summer outdoor activities to enjoy such as the park, pool, or our favorite while camping 🙂 Hope You and your family have a blessed Summer ~Julie

  27. My family likes them because we eat them when there is something to celebrate.

  28. My family loves donuts once in a while we like that they are sweet and easy to grab in the morning.

  29. My family loves how easy donuts are to grab in the morning but we only have them once in a while.

  30. I love these donuts! They are so good and the brand is one we love, buy and trust for our family. We buy these for summer lunches and cookouts.

  31. I used to eat these all the time when I was a kid! They were the best , but we don’t eat them anymore I wish they would make them a lot healthier, but they still taste great, lol.

  32. I love that they are easy to eat and come in so many different flavors 🙂

  33. Love the taste, convenience too. I do really like sweet texture

  34. We love the fact that they taste so delicious!

  35. Julie Bickham says

    We love how yummy they taste in the morning. We all have our different favorites so I have to buy a lot of different flavors.

  36. Nancy Bowers says

    My family has a love hate relationship with donuts. We love the taste. We hate the fat and calories.

  37. Nancy Bowers says

    My family has a love hate relationship with donuts. We love the taste. We hate the fat and calories.

  38. We’re very familiar with Entenmann’s. My oldest used to eat the chocolate covered chocolate donuts that they make all of the time.

  39. Dan Dykstra says

    We love to have donuts around the house for a quick snack. Blueberry is our favorite.

  40. We love donuts for dessert and sometimes for an after school treat as well.

  41. alicia brown says

    I’m not sure what exactly is in donuts that appeals to everyone, but in this family of 5, donuts are one of the few foods that every single person agrees is delicious! We love Saturday morning donuts!

  42. Nicole Santasiero says

    Donuts are our Sunday treat after church!!!! ???

  43. Everyone in my family loves something different about donuts! I love a good cake like donuts with glaze on it. My hubby loves donuts filled with Boston Creme and my daughter loves donuts with sprinkles. We definitely all love donuts that’s for sure!

  44. Marie Altenor says

    Is it weird to say that eating donuts make me happy. I just love them so much. I grew up eating entenmanns baked goods, but there aren’t any here where I live.

  45. Kristie F says

    For my family of four the variety pack is perfect because we all like a different donut! Perfect for a quick snack.

  46. kathy Persons says

    They are a quick easy snack~ Especially love the fruit filled or cream filled ones.

  47. So many choices. My kids change their minds so often.

  48. Kathy Davis says

    We like to stop for Donuts on way out of town and sometimes we stop for marked down ones after four at local gas station for next morning.


    We love donuts for their portability as well as so many varieties. We can take em everywhere and we do. The kids and hubs and I love the powered the best messy but great with milk!!!!!!

  50. Debbie Penney says

    I love taking donuts over to my Sister’s house. My niece and nephews love them!

  51. I love donuts! Probably a little bit too much if you ask me but they are delicious. What a fun giveaway!

  52. We love the texture and the sweetness of donuts, they are perfect in all occasions.

  53. wendy browne says

    My toddler loves when they have sprinkles!

  54. We love doughnuts because they are so delicious. They are easy to share and the perfect snacky treat.

  55. elizabeth miller says

    We love donuts because there are so many variations of flavors. We also like them because they are a filling snack.

  56. For us, they make a day feel special! Donuts are a pretty rare treat, so it’s like a little celebration.

  57. We love the taste of doughnuts and that there are so many different varieties that they never get old.

  58. We love the variety of flavors and the fact you can bring them everywhere because refrigeration is not necessary.

  59. What do we love about donuts? They are so sweet and delicious! Entenmann’s brings me back to my childhood.

  60. Ellie Wright says

    My family loves donuts because they are great for any meal or just snack time.

  61. Mary Cloud says

    We like that you can eat them on the go and they’re delicious.

  62. We love that donuts satisfy our sweet tooth and there are so many flavors so we can all find one we love.

  63. Michelle C says

    We love how fresh these donuts are, and how many flavors there are to choose from!

  64. My family loves how delicious donuts are. We love the fact that they can be a quick and easy breakfast, snack or dessert.

  65. My husband is Irish, and doughnuts aren’t a huge thing in Ireland. They exist, but aren’t ubiquitous like they are here. When I lived there I had a constant doughnut jones! Now that we are in the States, we love to get doughnuts on the weekends. Easy snack, delightful treat, and yummy for breakfast!

  66. Jessica Miller says

    They are a yummy quick breakfast or a great chocolate snack when you need it!

  67. We love donuts because they have always been a Sunday morning tradition, going back to my grandparents time.

  68. Eileen Boyce says

    We love any and all donuts anytime of day or evening. We love iced, filled, glazed or plain donuts. Thank you for the chance!!!

  69. Andrea v says

    Quick and easy snack. Love one with coffee.

  70. My family loves donuts because there are so many varieties! They are a quick, easy-to-grab dessert or snack. There is nothing better than grabbing a fresh apple cider donut from the farm during Autumn.

  71. Allison Swain says

    We love how sweet and soft they are! And they can be taken on the go.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  72. My family loves donuts because they are fun to eat and come in a variety of flavors that are sure to please everyone’s taste!

  73. Donuts are the perfect to go treat! So easy and fun to eat.

  74. We love doughnuts because they just taste amazing. You cannot beat the sugar fried up.

  75. Amanda Wallace says

    Donuts and waffles and some of our favorite breakfast items!

  76. Cindy Merrill says

    What could be better than coffee and doughnuts for a morning mid-day break? It’s a great way to get to know folks.

  77. My kids love donuts any time! We reserve them as a feast. We do birthday donuts and birthday ice cream for our five kids on their special days.

  78. Emily Smith says

    We love how easy donuts are on lazy weekend days. Perfect with chocolate milk on those days that you just wanna lounge around in your PJs. My boys don’t always agree on food, but they always agree on donuts!

  79. Lisa Brown says

    We all love donuts. It is the variety we like best: there are so many kinds of donuts, for every taste and for every occasion and mood.

  80. Jeremy McLaughlin says

    My sons love to eat donuts as a snack after school.

  81. Jeremy McLaughlin says

    My sons like to eat donuts as a snack after school.

  82. We love donuts because they are sweet and come in different flavors to satisfy everyone in our family. We love eating donuts for dessert.

  83. Carolsue says

    We love donuts when we want a sweet treat. Our favorites are glazed and sugared. But all donuts are good!

  84. Heather D says

    Everyone in my family loves donuts. We like all different kinds. I usually only get one or two because my husband and kids will eat them all.

  85. Marilyn Nawara says

    My family loves donuts for breakfast on weekends or anytime snacks.

  86. Erika W. says

    We love donuts because they’re a quick and easy breakfast or snack. They’re also super easy to clean-up and they taste great.

  87. Amanda Rauch says

    My son loves all the different flavors so that no matter what mood he is in he can find a doughnut to satisfy his craving. And they are filling!

  88. aaron reck says

    I like how sweet they are I got a really big sweet tooth and I like them glazed. Yummy. So good.

  89. Alan Saxon says

    We love the powdered donuts with a cup of coffee.

  90. Cassandra D says

    My family loves the flavor of the donuts, along with the different toppings and fillings.

  91. Sonya Allstun says

    We love the sweet flavors and how portable they are when we’re in a rush to go somewhere. Entenmanns crumb topped donuts are a favorite around here.

  92. Kelsey vinson says

    Well obviously because they are delicious!! But as a growing family of 6, they are great for busy mornings. Quit to grab and eat.

  93. Amanda Whitley says

    My family loves how tasty donuts are , we love all kinds of donuts!

  94. Donna porter says

    My family and I love most any flavor of donuts. I would say we eat Entenmann’s chocolate most.

  95. Susan Smith says

    My family loves donuts because there are so many varieties to choose from. They are great for breakfast, snacks, or a dessert.

  96. Lindsay A. says

    We love them because they’re so delicious! There’s also an endless variety of flavor & topping combos, and they can be eaten with hands on the go – usually no plates/cutlery needed!

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