The Ultimate Beach Trip Packing List

    Is your family beach bound soon? If so, you want to make sure you are well prepared! Packing for the beach can be tricky, because you might be in such a hurry to get out and go that you forget some essentials. To make sure you are well prepared for your next trip of sun and sand, look below at the ultimate beach trip packing list. This list will help you arrive to the beach well stocked and well prepared for anything you are likely to encounter!

1. Mini first aid kit.

Cuts, scratches, and other minor injuries can occur when at the beach. Save yourself a trip to the life guard stand or searching for a band aid when you bring your own mini first aid kit. It is an easy way to deal with minor injuries fast.

2. Inflatables.

Don’t forget water wings or vests for kids as well as any inflatables adults may wish to use. Carry an air pump in your trunk so you can easily inflate your items without having to blow them up by mouth.

3. Baby wipes or wet wipes.

Hands can get dirty at the beach, so be sure to carry baby wipes and wet wipes. This is a great way to clean up quickly before eat or prepare to leave the beach.

4. Hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is sure to come in handy since there won’t be sinks nearby for hand washing. Keep hand sanitizer on you for bathroom trips and for keeping hands clean prior to eating.

5. Spare trash bag.

Leaving your trash behind is a big no no. Instead, take a spare disposable bag with you to gather trash in. That way you can keep track of your trash and dispose of it properly when you leave.

6. Extra towels.

Bring at least two towels per person. It seems you can never have enough clean towels, and you may want a second towel for laying on car seats on the way home. Play it safe an bring extra towels, since you never know if one might get drenched or dirty.

7. Weights.

Bring weights such as bricks to help hold down your beach blanket. This way the ends won’t blow upward and you can enjoy a nice flat space to relax on.

8. Umbrella or shade source.

You need a place to retreat to if the sun gets too hot. Bring a shade source such as an umbrella for kids to retreat under. You can also find simple collapsible shelters on Amazon.

9. Sunblock.

Even if want a tan, you should still pack sunblock for sensitive skin areas and for the children’s skin. Choose a gentle formula with a high spf to keep skin safe.

10. Ziploc bags.

Put your valuables in a Ziploc bag where they will stay safe from water, sand, and other moisture. They are perfect for keeping keys and wallets in.

11. Cooler essentials. 

Pack a cooler full of ice, ice packs for injuries, plenty of frosted cups, and all of your cold food items. This is a great way to keep everything cold for the few hours you are at the beach.

12. Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is great for sunburns or to soothe dry skin. Take a bottle and keep it in your cooler so you can apply it before the drive home.

13. Eye protection.

Don’t forget eye protection including sunglasses and water goggles. They both can keep eyes safe and comfortable.

14. High protein snacks.

High protein snacks such as peanuts, trail mix, and granola bars are easy to carry and can help fuel your trip!

15. Plenty of fluid for hydration.

Don’t skip on hydration. Bring plenty of fluids so you can keep drinking and avoid dehydration.

16. Music source.

Download a free music app such as Pandora so you can enjoy relaxing tunes while you sunbathe.

17. Small games.

Bring small games such as cards, beach balls, etc. for kids to play with as they enjoy the sun.

18. Bright piece of fabric and dowel rod.

Make a simple flag using these supplies so kids can easily find your beach blanket spot no matter how big the beach crowd is.

19. Spray bottle.

A spray bottle of cool water is great for cooling down skin or even spraying hands and feet clean before you prepare to leave.

20. Bedsheet.

Bring an old bedsheet to lay over car seats so they don’t get full of sand.

    Give this ultimate beach trip packing list your attention the next time you are beach bound. It is a great way to arrive to the beach prepared and ready for the expected AND unexpected!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the things you pack when your family is heading to the beach?

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  1. Thank you for a great list! We are planning a beach trip with kids ages 4-15 and this covers all the basis!

  2. I love going on beach trips! These are definitely the essentials. I need to remember to bring some weights for the beach blankets next time.

  3. A perfect list for beach vacation. Great tips.

  4. Yup! These are all essentials! I grew up 4 minutes away from the beach so on the off chance we left something at home, we were able to run back and go grab it!

  5. You listed some great essentials to bring to the beach. I never used to bring a beach umbrella and now I cannot go to the beach without one.

  6. Neely Moldovan says

    I always forget sanitizer and thats always the thing I need most. Also you can’t ever have too many plastic bags!

  7. Great list of essentials no doubt that when traveling with kids this list gets longer. So it is good to have it handy appreciate the tips. I need a vacation soon =)

  8. This is a great beach trip packing list! If only I were going to the beach any time soon! My favorite thing to bring to the beach (or my most necessary item) is wipes. It makes it so easy to wipe away sand or dirt or just clean something.

  9. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    This list would really come in handy at this time of year. We do have a beach vacation coming up so I will refer to your list to make sure I have everything I need. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is the perfect list! I’m so longing for long summer days – it got cold here again today-booo. Saving your list for when I go again.

  11. Tamra Phelps says

    I would need this list to keep me on track. If I were going to the beach, I would be too hyped up about that to remember what I need without a list, lol!

  12. This is a GREAT list of things you need when going to the beach esp when you’re taking the kids along with you! Last year, my Husband and I visited a beach and took some things but weren’t as prepared as we thought we were lol we had to make a few trips to the store and then go back! haha.

  13. Nice well thought out ideas of things to bring for an ideal beach day. Cheers for that!

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