DIY Cardinal Craft

DIY Cardinal Craft

    Lately I have been up to my ears in projects for my sons’ classes.  It seems like every week there is some new assignment to complete that requires some creativity or forces us to purchase expensive art supplies.  This has gotten me to thinking that there is a real need out there for DIY activities that don’t cost a lot of money to make and that you can use inexpensive materials to create.

DIY Cardinal Craft

    As you guys all know, red is my favorite color so it stands to reason that I would come up with a project that includes it.  So what better way to get imaginative and experiment with the color red than by making a DIY Cardinal Craft?  Not only are these a ton of fun to make, but they also don’t cost a lot of money in terms of supplies.  I hope you will love making them as much as we did and that you will share photos of the finished products on our social media channels.

DIY Cardinal Craft

DIY Cardinal Craft

DIY Cardinal Craft


Red cupcake liners
Black card stock
Yellow craft foam sheets
Googly eyes
Black and red craft feathers
Hot glue gun/hot glue

DIY Cardinal Craft

DIY Cardinal Craft


1. Flatten out a cupcake liner and glue to a piece of black paper
2. Cut a black triangle with all 3 sides curved in to fit in the center of the cupcake liner and attach with glue.
3. Glue 2 googly eyes to the top of the black triangle.
4. Cut 3 small triangles from your yellow craft foam. Glue one below the eyes and two at the bottom of the cupcake liner for feet.
5. Glue a feather onto each side of the cupcake liner and let your cardinal dry.

DIY Cardinal Craft

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the latest DIY projects that you have completed and how did you manage to keep art supply costs down?

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  1. This is super cute. We are the St. Louis Cardinals. I know a lot of summer school programs that will love this adorable craft.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a cute craft to do with the kids! Even better that it is all stuff we already have around the house.

  3. What a cute project! Sounds like they are giving out homework to the parents too now instead of the kids lol!

  4. This adorable. A lovely project to do with a little one.

  5. I can think of a million teachers who would appreciate this simple and easy craft to do with their students! A lot of the DIY crafts require glue guns and/or LOTS of glitter which doesn’t make for friendly clean-up in the classroom!

  6. Neely (@Neelykins) says

    What a super cute craft! I love crafts you can easily do with kids!

  7. This DIY is hilarious, absolutely love it! My niece would definitely get stuck into it haha! You’re so creative.

  8. This is so cute, and perfect for my son’s age (he’s in preschool.) Our state bird is the cardinal, and we see them in our yard a lot!

  9. So cute! I love how simply but fun it is. My little girl would enjoy doing this . Since it’s raining out all week for spring break we should totally do this!

  10. This is super cute! I can’t wait to see the pairs of cardinals come back to our yard! I love the colors!

  11. What a fun and cute craft! Pinned this for later & will have to make this with my son.

  12. This is such a cute DIY for little kids!

  13. My son will enjoy making this. Anything red, his favorite color, catches his eye.

  14. That is such a cute craft I know some teachers and parents I’ll be sharing it with for sure. Thanks for sharing

  15. This is so cute, fun to make and easy. Must try!!

  16. Wow.. it is really a simple and cute DIY. Just love it

  17. This cardinal craft looks awesomely cute. I just love the color red since it is my favorite. I cannot wait to try it out with my little one during the weekend.

  18. This is super cute! My step sisters would just go coo-coo for this! We might have to do it together next time I see them!

  19. Debbie Welchert says

    I love this. It’s one of my favorite birds and my grandchildren will have so much fun making it.

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