DIY Pokemon Bookmark And Pointer


    Since the majority of people over 5 and under 50 have begun playing Pokemon Go, Pokemon©, has suddenly jumped in popularity again, despite that they have now been around for 20 years.  We love to include Pokemon© everywhere we can and I figured out a great way to get the kids off the App and into reading more. I created these Pokemon© Bookmarks that can also be used as pointers.

    They are perfect for holding their place, tracking words as they read, or even as a pointer for whiteboards, blackboards, and posters. They can also used as puppets, in play dough or sensory bins.  All you have to do is follow these basic steps to create any of your favorite Pokemon© characters. I kept it simple with a Pokeball and a Pikachu to capture the kids’ attention and wanted to share how we did it with all of you.

You will need:

Wide craft sticks 
Yellow, Red, White, and Black Craft foam
Yellow paint
Red and black markers
School glue
Single hole punch


For the Pokeball:

  1. I traced a circle from a vitamin jar lid in red and one in white.
  2. Cut the white circle in half and use your craft glue to secure it on the red circle.
  3. Use a hole punch to cut out your Pokeball button, run a black sharpie around the outer edges to outline it.
  4. Trace a black line across the white just above the red on your Pokeball.
  5. Glue small white button to the center.
  6. Secure your entire Pokeball to the end of the craft stick.
  7. You can leave you craft stick natural, paint it, or write the names of your favorite Pokemon on it with a black marker.
  8. Allow to dry completely.




  1. Paint both sides of your craft stick yellow, allow to dry completely.
  2. Cut two flower petal shaped pieces of foam, about ¼”wide and 1″ tall (ears) as well as a piece to resemble Pikachus tail, it doesn’t have to be perfect just eyeball a toy or look on Google images to get the idea.
  3. Add details like his adorable red cheeks, hands, eyes, and mouth with black markers. I also used the markers to give his ears the black tips.
  4. Be sure your markers have dried and then glue your ears and tail to the backside of the craft stick.
  5. Let the entire thing dry then hand it over to your little reader.




Isn’t Pikachu adorable poking out of the book?


Here are a few books your little Pokemon© Trainer might love:

Pokemon Handbook

Pokemon Adventures – 7 Volume


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you get your own kids off the technology and into reading more during the summer?

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  1. Such a cute craft. It will keep the kids wanting to read books and have fun with the bookmark. I know the Pokemon craze is upon us again, with the introduction of the new game Pokemon Go.

  2. I love this idea. My nephew is flipping out over the new Pokemon game. I will let my sister in on this so they can make Pokemon inspired bookmarks for the coming school year.

  3. What a cute craft to do wtih this excitement of Pokeman Go! I saw a spoof on this with moms and they did a “Chardonnay Go” and it was hilarious! 🙂

  4. These are super cute! I’m sure they will be very popular with kids!

  5. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Great idea! My son’s occupational therapist recommended we do a pointer for reading, so this would be helpful for him!

  6. Adorable! These characters are so popular right now! I bet a lot of teachers would like to have these ready for their students on the first day of school!

  7. That is such a cute craft. Pikachu, I choose you! I had to…

  8. What a super cute idea! I love that you came out with it, and I want one for myself. lol

  9. These are perfect since everyone is on a Pokemon Go kick right now. What a fun and easy craft to do with kids! Love it!!

  10. These are really cute! I always need a bookmark.

  11. This is such a cute craft idea!! I love that Pokeman has made such a come back like this!

  12. These are super cute! My 5 year-old saw this and automatically started hooting and hollering “Pokemon!” guess we need to get to these! They are adorable.

  13. At least this pokemon thin is taking our minds off the negative things in our world recently. That is such a fun craft.

  14. These are so cute! I would love to do something like this with the kids – I’m so not crafty.

  15. Oh my gosh, these are so cute!!! My husband is obsessed with the game, he’d flip over these bookmarks!

  16. This is a fun idea. My kids love Pokemon. I am going to show my kiddos this!

  17. My daughter would love these so much. She is so into pokemon right now!

  18. That’s pretty cool, and a lot of fun for the kiddos I could imagine. I was never big into the whole Pokemon thing, so I really don’t know much about it, but I am sure the kids know enough to love it.

  19. Super cute and so easy to make. Greta idea my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu =)

  20. This is a great craft activity to go along with this crazy game right now, eh? My kids would love to have these to play with.

  21. Elizabeth O says

    That is adorable! It’s a great way to get little ones feel connected to all the buzz on the new game release.

  22. Pokemon has made such a huge resurgence over the last few years. It’s unbelievable. Love this craft and will def do it with my kids.

  23. Well, I don’t know much about Pokemon, but I think your craft turned out beautifully!

  24. This is a great idea. Especially now with the recently renewed Pokemon craziness.

  25. Nicole Escat says

    I really love reading books, I read 3 books a day and it’s really worst when I can’t keep the page where I off, I think this one would be great. It’s so cute and unique.

  26. It’s really easy to do and you can make a lot of pokemon depending on your favorite! This will also keep the kids busy this summer because they’ll be excited to make them with you. Aside from that, it will make them want to read more books too.

  27. This is a really cute craft to do with kids. And, I bet Pokeman fans will really get a kick out it.

  28. Shirley Martinez says

    This is such a simple craft!! I used to LOVE pokemon. Had every card, every game for gameboy and much more. Great job Tough Cookie!

  29. I’m sure these will be super popular with the kids! I can think of a few who would love them!

  30. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg! I’m Pokemon obsessed, shhhhh don’t tell anyone 😉 so this is pretty cool! So need to make one!

  31. Robin Rue says

    My kids would love this. Anything to encourage reading is great in my book 🙂

  32. My 5 year old is an avid reader and he loves Pokemon. This is such a great idea and so easy to make.

  33. Kimberly says

    I can’t believe that Pokemon is a thing again! My 2 year old likes it! It’s so weird, and fun, to have it come back around.

  34. How fun! Definitely an activity I want to try with my cousins. They’re obsessed with Pokemon Go, and would find this SO cool.

  35. These are so cute and look easy! Anyone who has a kid into pokemon should definitely try these.

  36. This will be so much fun to do with my niece when she is in town- next week. She loves Pokeman. At least it will keep her off of the IPAD for a bit! Thanks for sharing.

  37. I have been a crazy fan of Pokemon since my young age & I love how it has become so popular in all of a sudden. The craft work is simple yet creative & my kids would love them so much.

  38. This Pokemon bookmark looks fantastic. It is especially relevant now that Pokemon Go is available worldwide.

  39. I have never really got into Pokemon, but my son loves it! I know that he’d love this craft. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  40. These really are a cute and useful object to create. I will hope that it does get more children reading over the summer–after all–Pokeman will be gobbling up those pages!

  41. These are super cute! I especially love the pikachu one. How fun! 🙂

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