Tips For Spending More Time Together As A Family

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend more time together as a family? What’s stopping you? There are ways you can spend more time together as a family without breaking the budget or driving each other crazy.

Don’t Forget the Ride Home

    Although you may all be in a car together, riding in a car home together is one way to spend more time as a family. It’s a great time to talk and discuss how the day went. You may not be sitting face to face, but this is a nice way to unwind and catch up as a family.

Push Back Bedtime 30 Minutes

    Okay, so not every family can push back bedtime by 30 minutes, but if you can it’s a great way to go. Why? Well, many families don’t get home till 6 o’clock at night and it can be difficult to get anytime in together. Pushing back bedtime can help give a little more “time” together. If you can’t push back bedtime, then consider getting up 30 minutes earlier and eating an unrushed breakfast together.

Spend Time Eating Dinner Together

    In today’s busy world it’s almost as if eating dinner together as a family is a lost art. However, this is one great way to spend time together as a family. Make it a nightly tradition to eat together, as a family. Pick a time that everyone will be home and stick to that time. If you can’t make it a nightly thing, then consider making it a “thing” a few nights a week.

Cut Out the Extras

    It’s really easy to get busy and forget to spend time together, but that’s when the extras have got to go. Pick a few different family functions and stick to them. You can’t make huge commitments to others and forget to commit to your own family. The big question is: which activities will you cut out?

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you try to spend more time together with your own family?

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  1. We have a list of shows we watch on Netflix. We also enjoy time outside at the park together as a family. We go to stores together as a family and that helps them realize what the budget is and everyone at least comes home with a bit of what they like. We also have fun going to get ice cream and going to the movies. There is a lot of fun things our family enjoys.

  2. We eat dinner together on most nights. We also make sure that we spend Sundays together. We may not go out all the time, but there are many activities at home that we can do together.

  3. I strive to spend family time together as much as possible! You don’t need to spend money or go out of your way to really spend time with each other. Great tips!

  4. Eating dinner together is the best way IMO. It’s almost a lost art with people going in different directions. I have lots of fond memories of dinner time when I was growing up.

  5. Eating dinner together as a family is something we recently started to do. I wish we did it sooner.

  6. James Robert says

    Like your tips and I think so many of us are so busy we tend to not do it as often as we like. You shared some great ways to get in that extra time

  7. Eating dinner together is a big one. We always tried to eat dinner together every night and with extended family once a week.

  8. These are all great things to do as a family. I love it as its really the simple things that we can do as a family and spending time together.

  9. It can be so hard to make time to spend together. WE have a big family so it’s really hard and our girls are wanting to go into different directions so when we MAKE them spend…it’s not always pleasant.

  10. Great tips! Eating dinner together is one of my favorites. We do it every night and even if we have tons of stuff to do, we make the time!

  11. This is so great! This goes with what I posted yesterday. It is so important to spend quality time with the family.

  12. I love spending my Saturday nights with my boys. It is a special night for us to enjoy.

  13. These are great suggestions. I started going to fitness classes with my daughter so we could squeeze some time in together, and get fit at the same time!

  14. Great ideas! We are especially big on eating dinner together!

  15. These are awesome. We always eat dinner together!

  16. Having dinner together is a great time to bond with the family. We can talk about how our day went, and compliment the “chef” for the lovely dinner.

  17. These are great tips. Family time means a lot to me, so I like to have it as much as I can.

  18. I love to talk to the kids on car rides! It’s neat to hear what’s on their little minds. 🙂

  19. Since my Mom has gotten older I spend at least one day a week with her-driving her around to the various places she has to go-actually I have been spending more then just one day. You are correct–just driving in the same car can be family time! When I was still living at home and my Dad was still alive we always had dinner together at 6 o’clock–no excuses!!

  20. Eating dinner together is a must in my family. I grew up with my parents imposing this rule because that’s the only time we can all be together. This is what my husband and I want for our family, too.

  21. Ann Bacciaglia says

    With two teenagers it can be hard to spend time all together. We try to have breakfast and dinner together everyday.

  22. This year my kids are going to public school and in the past we homeschooled. I am going to miss spendin the extra time with them.

  23. These are great tips. It reminds me of the saying “Is not where your at, is about who you’re with” we can make time with our loved one anywhere.

  24. I spend a lot of time taking the kids to places.I need to work on just being with the family and it being pleasant.

  25. Family bonding is something which I always love so much & we usually get in touch in weekends with a dinner plan. I love the idea of riding home together which also add more fun to the meetup.

  26. This is something I really need to work on, spending more quality time with the family. Everything is constant go, go, go and we really need to sit and talk to one another.


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