Baked Carrot Cake Donuts Recipe


    Pretty soon the kids will be going back to school.  This Summer, my brother and his wife moved to New Jersey.  Since my Sister in Law used to pick up all our kids from school, this year my boys will go to the after-school program for a little while until I pick them up after work.  I know that they will be starving when they get home so I will have to make sure that I have some snacks or treats for them in the house.


    I’ve been trying to do more baking lately and both of my sons love donuts.  If I let our younger son, he would eat chocolate donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’ve been trying to create more wholesome donut recipes for him to enjoy when I do allow them to indulge in some baked goods.  He hates eating vegetables but he does love carrots so I thought, what better way to combine his two favorite foods?


    The best part about these is that they are also perfect for enjoying for breakfast.  If you are a Working Mom like I am, or if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare breakfast in the morning, these baked carrot donuts are perfect.  Not only are they really easy to make, but they last up to five days in a sealed container.  My boys love eating them on-the-go on their way to school.  I love that they are enjoying something that I made for them with love.


    Hopefully, they won’t realize that I’m trying to get them to enjoy something that tastes good and is not so bad for them at the same time.  Shh, that will be our little secret…

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the baked goods that you sometimes allow your children to enjoy after school?

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  1. Even if I had kids these would not last long enough for them to eat any! These sound delicious. And I won’t tell anyone they are a little better for you and there are the “V” word included!!

  2. Your Donuts turned out great. When I used to make them… not this recipe. They would stick to the pan. I have no idea what I was doing wrong.

  3. That looks so good! I can’t wait to try this.

  4. That looks absolutely delicious. It looks easy to do. I’m sure my kids would love this.

  5. Oh my gosh. Those look sooo good and perfect recipe for fall!

  6. Oh yum this sounds so delicious- what a treat, I could definitely tuck right in.

  7. These are very cute and colorful. My nephew likes carrot cake, I’ll have to suggest this to his mother.

  8. eliz frank says

    I’ve had my share of donuts but never carrot cake donuts. Those looks very delicious and I love that they are not so difficult to make and can be individualized.

  9. These donuts are so pretty and look fun to make. I love carrot cake, but I never thought about make Carrot Cake doughnuts. I will be making this recipe for a Fall dessert!

  10. (Baked Carrot Cake Donuts Recipe) Now that the cooler weather is slowly creeping in, I like having a cake donut with a cup of coffee on the weekends. I am going to try these out.

  11. How did I miss this delicious recipe?? And it’s so easy!!

  12. These carrot donuts are awesome. Even the picture is beautiful. I can’t wait to make this at my place.

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