Smoked Salmon Cucumber Breakfast Toast Recipe


    As I’m getting older, I’m changing many of my eating habits and going back to my culinary roots in a small fishing town in Spain.  I can still recall waiting for my grandfather to return from fishing all morning with a fresh catch that my grandmother would prepare for the family to enjoy.  There is just something about the taste of fresh fish and seafood that teases the palate.  Not to mention that eating fish is healthier for us and our overall wellness.


    I’ve always been a huge fan of smoked salmon because its taste has always appealed to me.  Unfortunately, as a Working Mom, I don’t always have a lot of time to plan or prepare elaborate recipes so I’m constantly on the lookout of easy recipes that I can prepare and enjoy in a flash.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that I could enjoy Smoked Salmon and cucumber on toast as a breakfast treat.  This is a great way to start your day full of protein and wholesome goodness.  Wait until you see how easy it is to make this!


Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Toast:


Smoked salmon slices
Green onions
Cream cheese
Cucumber slices
Whole grain toast


Toast whole grain bread.
Mix desired amount of cream cheese with desired amount of green onion slices.
Spread cream cheese mixture onto toast.
Next add on slices of cucumber.
Top off with smoked salmon and some more green onions.


    As you can see, this recipe can be prepared fairly quickly with just a few delicious ingredients.  It’s perfect for taking with you on-the-go to work or to drop off the kids at school.  The best part is that you can enjoy it without feeling guilty because, although it tastes great, it is good for you at the same time.  I also love that it is versatile enough to add some of your favorite ingredients to.  I’m sure that each bite will leave you wanting more, I’m speaking from personal experience!


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy Smoked Salmon, other fish varieties, or seafood?


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  1. This looks and sounds so easy & delicious. Definitely right up my alley.

  2. Smoked salmon is one of those foods that get my mouth watering just thinking about it. I love it with cream cheese on bagels, but this recipe looks so light and tasty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What is this beautiful thing you have just suggested? I love Salmon. You mean to tell me we can it for breakfast!? Get out of here! With Cream Cheese too!? Off to the grocery store!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Actually, no one in our house eats seafood, but I think this would work with ham or turkey! I love that you used cucumbers 🙂

  5. I have never even tried smoked salmon. Everyone tells me it is so good, just never had the desire to try it!

  6. I have never had salmon before. Does it have a fishy taste? I have great things about it but I do not like fishy tastes.

  7. That looks so good! I’m not a huge salmon fan for some reason I can’t get past the smell but my husband loves it. This would be nice for his Birthday dinner!

  8. I love your idea! What great memories. I love my fish blackened

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

      I always eat my meat blackened. It may sound silly, but I like my burgers like hockey pucks. VERY well done.

  9. Oh you’re killing me! I’m so hungry for smoked salmon now and I’m 30 minutes and 3 sleeping toddlers away from the grocery store. I LOVE smoked salmon and will definitely try this!

  10. That would be a great healthy lunch for me to try. Cucumber and salmon sound like a great combo!

  11. I generally eat salmon for dinner, but my husband would eat it any time. He’d love this recipe!

  12. I definitely love smoked salmon. I generally put cream cheese (Philadelphia brand with chives and fresh onions) on a bagel then the salmon slices. I never tried slices of cucumber (which I happen to love) but will be soon–also never tried it open on bread–hum–new way to eat my favorite meal!!

  13. That is a great way to get those Omegas into your diet. It looks quick and easy and delicious!

  14. This looks delicious, and so easy to make. I just love smoked salmon.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks delicious. I would have it for lunch instead of breakfast. I will have to try it this weekend.

  16. I love smoked salmon with bacon and cream cheese on an Everything bagel. The smokiness and creaminess go so well together.

  17. Love how simple this is to make! We love salmon but usually eat it baked or grilled. Eating it for breakfast is a new twist!

  18. This looks amazing!!! I’m on a huge salmon kick lately; I’ve been steaming it a lot. But I would try this in a heartbeat!

  19. Oh, my goodness! Thanks for this idea. I can eat this everyday.

  20. You had me at smoked salmon. I love eating it any way or anytime. Your recipe looks amazing

  21. I’m not big on smoked salmon. My hubby would love this!

  22. Jennifer Williams says

    My husband and I would both love this. It would make the prefect summer snack to cool down with.

  23. I would love to have this for breakfast. So good! This looks amazing but it’s made me hungry I’m afraid. ha

  24. I am not a big fan of salmon. I bet my husband would like this.

  25. Margot C says

    I love this. With avocado in season right now i often have it instead of cream cheese.

  26. Julie Wood says

    We love salmon, and it is so healthy! I want to make this yummy dish for my Dad, sister and I. We would love it and think it is delicious!

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