Aerobie AeroSpin Yo-Yo Review and Giveaway!

    We absolutely love outdoor activities in my family.  My husband and I especially love sharing activities with our children that we enjoyed immensely during our childhood.  Both of us have fond memories of playing Jacks and trying new tricks with our Yo-Yos when we were kids.  This is exactly why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review the new Aerobie AeroSpin Yo-Yo with our boys.     The AeroSpin Yo-Yo is not your average Yo-Yo.  As a matter of fact, it is precision crafted with a soft grip that is not only easy on the hand, but also easy on your home and furnishings.  It has an adjustable strap for both string and looping tricks which makes for extra long sleep times achievable even for beginners.     Our boys are ages 9 and 6 and they spent hours trying out new Yo-Yo tricks using the Aerobie AeroSpin.  They loved the vibrant color varieties of the AeroSpin which is available in blue, red, and yellow.  Each AeroSpin comes with its own booklet full of 36 pages of … [Read more...]