5 Myths About Being A Working Mom

    This past week, I have read a lot of posts on social media about the difficulties and triumphs of being a Working Mom.  Many of them make me chuckle seeing as how I can relate since I have juggled a career since I became a mother eleven years ago.  However, I have also found that some people have the wrong idea about what Working Moms experience on a daily basis.     Although we are driven to excel in our careers, we also have the same concerns about parenting and our families that all mothers have.  After all, being a mom is a lot of work whether you add working outside the home to that equation or not.  This post is definitely not about whether Stay At Home Moms or Working Moms have it easier or harder than one another.  In my mind, it is a given that all moms work hard.     The purpose of this post is just to debunk some of the myths about Working Moms that I have been reading lately…  So, without further ado, here are 5 myths that are completely wrong about women juggling … [Read more...]