Create Family Fun and Memories With the Nintendo Wii! #WiiFamilia

    In our home, spending family time together comes above everything else.  This is especially true since I work full-time and my husband works six days per week.  We treasure and cherish any time that we can spend with our sons laughing and enjoying each other's company.     This is exactly why we love the Nintendo Wii so much!  It allows us to act silly and play wholesome family games that get us all off the couch and giggling and laughing in no time.  Even on days when the weather is not that great outside, we can get up and get active as we all play the Wii together.     We had the opportunity, as a family to review the Wii Console Bundle which came complete with the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, a special Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CD, a black Wii Remote Plus controller, and a black Nunchuk controller.  This Bundle offers an amazing value to working families on a budget who are looking to grow their home entertainment system.     The New Super Mario Bros. game is so … [Read more...]