Have Confidence In Your Tap Water! @ZeroWaterFilter #Giveaway #Ad

    I have to be honest with you guys, I'm not that confident in our tap water.  It's hard to ignore all of  the reports about chemicals such as Chromium 6 and Lead continuously popping up in the news threatening the drinking water in cities across the country.  Both contaminants are blamed for everything from birth defects and neurological disorders to organ deterioration and cancer.  It's scary to think that my family could be exposed to these toxins from our drinking water.     Most people either purchase expensive water filtration systems or spend billions of dollars on bottled water each year.  If you start to think about how many empty bottles of water you recycle or have lying around in your car you will realize how quickly this expense can add up!  Not to mention all the waste that is being produced from all of these discarded plastic bottles.  Factor in that you're still not getting the purest water possible. There is a better option.     ZeroWater offers an easy-to-use … [Read more...]

Visit A-Maze-Ing Water At The New York Aquarium!

      As many of you know, I am a Blog Ambassador for the Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium.  This is a great source of pride for me because these are two institutions that my family visits frequently every year and we support their many programs to educate people about the wonders of animals and marine life.     This summer, the New York Aquarium is launching an exciting and interactive experience that will demonstrate the importance of water to sustain life and to perpetuate the survival of our planet Earth, and how it connects all of us on a daily basis.       Visitors will learn how to be more proactive in caring for our local and global waterways and the wildlife habitats that depend on them.  This will be accomplished through exploration, scientific inquiry, artistic expression and action.     This unique exhibit is highlighted by Water's Extreme Journey, a 3,000 square foot maze that transforms all visitors into a tiny drop of water and sends them on a … [Read more...]

Tazzini Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle Review and Giveaway #Tazzini

            It seems like every single time I turn around, I am hearing about the dangers of ingesting the chemicals that are used to make the bottles used for bottled water and soft drinks.  Add that with the fact that all of these discarded bottles are not being recycled and end up polluting the environment, and I realized that it was time to look for another alternative.      Naturally, I started doing some research and found out that Tazzini makes a stainless steel reusable bottle that has received some raving reviews.  Of course, we can never take someone else's word for how great something is so I decided that I had to try one out for myself and for my family.      Tazzini stainless steel bottles are BPA and toxin free and claim to be safer than plastic and aluminum bottles.  They are leak-proof and easy to clean which is like music to the ears of mothers of young children who are notorious for making a mess.  I especially loved that they are 100% recyclable … [Read more...]