Protect Your Home From Virtual Intrusions With CUJO! @CUJOUnited #cujounited #Giveaway #Ad

    This afternoon, I practically had to peel my boys from their electronic devices in order for them to get ready to go out to dinner as a family.  Although we monitor all of the time that they spend on the Internet, the reality is that they need to know how to navigate it in order to be successful in these technologically advanced times that we live in.  As a result, they are extremely savvy when it comes to using their tablets and the rest of their gaming devices.     My husband and I have always been concerned about the threat of having hackers or predators access our personal information, or that of our children, through our home network.  After all, you hear about it all the time on the news how people's identities are being stolen or how children are being lured into unsafe situations with strangers that they met online.       When I found out about CUJO, it gave me a sense of peace to know that it is available to protect … [Read more...]