Collect Your Family’s Milestones Into A Virtual Scrapbook Using #Lifeables

    If you are active across a variety of social media platforms and technology savvy like I am, you probably have an array of family photos and precious memories posted on a variety of social networks, mobile phones and computers.  It would be wonderful if we could all collect those images and family milestones and compile them into a virtual scrapbook which can be shared for generations to come.     Social media is very important to me because it allows me to share photos of my sons with my family who lives in Spain.  It is extremely difficult to be so far apart from our loved ones but, being able to communicate through images and updates, allows us to feel like we are still involved in each other's lives despite the distance between us.     With the holidays coming up, sharing photos of our celebrations also goes a long way in making us feel that sense of family togetherness instead of lamenting that we could not all celebrate together.  Lifeables is the first online service that … [Read more...]