Vi and Va Helps Latina Girls Embrace Their Heritage! #ViandVa @ViandVa #Giveaway #Ad

    When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls.  I can still remember spending hours role-playing with them and using my imagination to act out scenarios and to dress and accessorize them.  This time was magical for me because it was almost like I created my own little world that included my beautiful dolls and myself.  The only problem was that, back then, there were not many dolls who embodied or represented Latinas or Latin culture.     Although I don't have daughters, I teach young Latinas and have been doing so for over fifteen years.  During this time, I have seen how important it is for young girls to have images in the media, and around them, that they can relate to culturally and emotionally.  Vi and Va has recently launched a fashion doll line that is inspired by Latino cultures.  It consists of four main characters who are not just friends, they are also family!  This is an added bonus for me because Latino culture has always revolved around the importance of … [Read more...]