How Educated Are You About Your Health Care Plan? @MyUHC #Ad

    Those of you who are long-time readers of this blog know that I am a nine year Leukemia Survivor. As a result, I have had to learn how to be my own best advocate when it comes to my health.  After all, you have to be an educated patient and understand your health care plan in order to navigate the medical system wisely.  Open enrollment is about the begin, and for some it already has, so now is the time to acquire all the knowledge you can about health care plans in order to make the most informed decision you can.     Just this past month, UnitedHealthcare launched a new site that has several engagements educating people about their health care.  Learning about and purchasing a health care plan can be extremely overwhelming for many of us, but UnitedHealthcare wants to help by allowing us to take advantage of our health care by becoming empowered and learning the ins and outs of it.  You can do this by using their interactive learning … [Read more...]

Step Into A Healthier Life, We Dare You! @myUHC #Ad

    As many of you know, I have been a Leukemia Survivor since 2007 and being proactive about my health is extremely important to me.  The truth is that my life depends on me striving to live a healthy life and it is a responsibility that I take very seriously.       We Dare You is a campaign UnitedHealthcare has been running for a few years that dares people to live healthier lives every day, one step at a time. The dares focus on encouraging healthy living as well as on taking control of your health care.     Most families that have members who live with chronic medical conditions like I do, spend quite a bit of money on health insurance and copayments.  As a result, being frugal and mindful of health expenses can be a real cost saver.       By educating yourself about health care and learning how to navigate the complex health care system, you can save a little money.  UnitedHealthCare wants to help you save and … [Read more...]

Making Smart Decisions About Your Health Care Coverage! @myUHC #Ad

    When I first started teaching in 2000, I was very young and I knew absolutely nothing about health care coverage or why it was so important.  The moment I was given paperwork to fill out for my new teaching position that included making decisions about what type of coverage I needed, it threw me for a loop.     Thankfully, a colleague of mine who was a veteran teacher took pity on me and sat down with me to give me some advice.  She shared with me that choosing the right health care coverage was extremely important because, although I was young and in reasonably good health, one never knew what would happen in the future.     In her words, it was better to be safe than sorry just in case some unforeseen health crisis should arise suddenly in my life.  Six months later when I landed in the hospital with Appendicitis, I realized just how right she had been.  As the medical bills piled up and my insurance had me covered, I was grateful for this sound advice that I had received.   … [Read more...]