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    Let's be honest, despite what some might think, being a mom is a 24-hour job.  There is no time off on holidays and there are certainly no guarantees about being able to get a full night's sleep every single day.  After all, moms are still "on the clock" when their children call out for them in the middle of the night or when kids are up with a fever or an ear infection.  Most of us struggle regularly to get the sleep that we need.     We all know sleep is a necessary factor in our overall health and wellness but knowing this and actually being able to get enough rest can be two separate things for most moms.  Hopefully, the following tips on how to sleep better will help you to start the discussion with your loved ones about how they can support you in having more restful sleep. Tips For Sleeping Better For Tired Moms: Don't work in bed-This is probably one of my biggest downfalls.  Since working and stress go hand in hand, your mind starts to make that correlation as well … [Read more...]

Confessions Of A Really Tired Mom #IWasSoTired @Tylenol #Sweeps #Ad

    I'm not even going to mince words in this blog post, I am really tired.  Now, you are all most likely saying to yourself right now, "Join the club!"  As most of you are probably moms, I know that you feel my pain when it comes to the topic of sleeplessness.  I'd like to say that, like any other self-respecting superhero, I can go days or even weeks without sleep and still perform at optimal levels.  However, this is simply not the case...    The truth is that I have done some really embarrassing things lately as a result of my exhaustion.  Let me begin by saying that I'm normally a pleasure to be around, despite what my husband says.  Unfortunately, my grouchiness has reached an all-time high as I imagine getting some sleep more than I actually do sleep.  As a matter of fact, my eight year-old son likes to refer to me as "Mommy Meanie" in the morning.     It's not easy being all things, to all people, at all times.  This is why I sprayed my neck and wrists with hairspray … [Read more...]

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*I have received information, product and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Inc., the makers of Tylenol PM®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.     I cannot even begin to describe to you what a hectic week I've had.  Managing a full-time career as a teacher and running a successful blog is definitely not for the faint at heart.  Yesterday was an extremely stressful day for me because I was inundated with deadlines and had to complete 90 progress reports for my students that had to be mailed out today.  As a result, I barely slept a wink last night and was exhausted all day at work.     I'm certainly not alone because more than 30% of the US adult population suffers from sleeplessness.  Everyone has different triggers when it comes to the causes for their lack of sleep but what is clear is that sleep is important and it certainly affects your performance when you don't get enough of it.  Stress is definitely a factor when it comes to sleep … [Read more...]