Tips For A Great Road Trip Experience! #KiaSocialClub

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors     One of my most memorable road trips took place when we drove across Spain to visit France.  As you can imagine, we were all very excited, after all, it's not every day that one gets to drive across Europe.  Once we arrived at our destination we had a great time but the road trip itself was far from stellar.  There were many things that we could have done differently to make the trip itself a lot more comfortable and we definitely learned a few things about planning for road trips in the future.     First and foremost, we should have come up with a much better plan for having our meals.  Although we packed a few snacks, we were totally unprepared for how much food and drinks we would need throughout the ride.  As a result, we had to stop often to purchase food and this put a huge dent in our vacation budget.  Next time, we will spend the extra money buying a cooler which will keep everything cold and buy easy snacks … [Read more...]