Make A Sick Loved One Feel Better! #KleenexSWS

    The past week has been especially difficult for my family as my Mom was admitted to the hospital due to Pancreatitis.  When a loved one is sick, even the smallest deed or gesture from his or her loved ones can make all of the difference in the recovery process.  In our case, we have all taken special care to make our mother feel loved and cared for.  We hope that she will realize that we are all here for her and that it will give her the strength to get better soon.     My mother and my grandmother have always given me special attention, throughout the years, when I was sick.  They always doted over all of us kids with special home remedies and fixes for colds and flus that they grew up with.  I can still remember the taste of warm "Sopitas" made with broth and fideos, or soup noodles, that my grandmother would make me eat whenever I wasn't feeling well.  My mother would always make sure that I had soft tissues to blow my nose and plenty of orange juice to drink.     In the … [Read more...]