Enter Your Child In The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge! @DE3MYSC #STEM #Ad

    It's so important for students to have opportunities in the STEM fields and be able to have hands-on experiences with the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  These types of engaging investigations inspire children in the areas of developing technological advances and healthy competition.  As a middle school educator, I have had the chance to see first-hand the learning and connecting that takes place when students are exposed to a well-rounded curriculum such as this.     Recently, I had the opportunity to help my son with his sixth-grade science project which focused on simulating the Rock Cycle using melted crayons in various stages.  It was inspiring to see the look of joy on his face as he progressed through the phases of his experiment and was able to prove his hypothesis.  Being an educator, I realize that these experiences allow students to bridge the gap between their prior knowledge and the conclusions that they draw.  It certainly promotes a … [Read more...]